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Access to a private group of experts and Inner circle members who share crypto strategies, early opportunities, market analysis and many more methods of making money in crypto.

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Thank you! This is a fantastic team and community… You are helping so many on their journey. Because of this group, I was able to pay my home inspection costs and got new tires for my daughter’s car. There is so much still for me to learn and the support is everything.

Another_Variety, MM Member, 2 years

The best part of this bear market for me has been becoming a premium member of Market Meditation. I am excited to educate and learn more about how to accumulate and become more savvy at interpreting TA. Thanks again for your superior content.

Mo Atlas, MM Member, 1 month

Joining this community has been the best investment I have made in myself in a long long time - incredible value that you all provide.

Cglb111, MM Member, 2 years

The discord community is more than enough to keep me in the loop. What I like more is the people - very open for conversation and generous with their market insights. The best leverage so far.

Acflo, MM Member, 1.5 years

MM Team!! Thank you kindly for the promotion and awesome community. Not enough can be said about how much all of the material provided has gone towards leveling up my trading.

Crypto J, MM Member, 1 year

Can I just say that the Market Meditations team is incredible. So much knowledge between yourself, Max, Kyle and Kim (sorry if I forgot anyone!). Whilst I can't add much to the community yet, my hubby and I are dedicated to making crypto work for us and are so grateful to have been recommended your courses and joined your community. Thank you.

Svs333, Core Member, 1 month