“I don’t have time between my job and family”

“I don’t have enough money to trade or invest”

“I don’t know what to buy and when to sell


The Blueprint For Reaching Financial Freedom Through Crypto

We get it…

The route to success in crypto isn’t simple.

Alone it takes time, money and discipline.

But ANYONE can reach financial freedom if shown how.

That’s why we created the Crypto Wealth Accelerator. A step by step guide that everyone can understand.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, or how much you know.

From courses to template resources – our aim is to make every step as quick and easy as possible.

Become our Next Success Case

The Blueprint - Our Step by Step Approach

  1. Step 1

    Earning More

    Find out how much money you need and set your foundations.


    • What you need: Plan your perfect life and set the goals required to achieve it.
    • Learn new skills: Use our resources to learn a high income skill as a side hustle or a new career.
    • Airdrops: A list of 20 FREE money opportunities worth $1000s.
    • Accountability: Our discord keeps you accountable. Essential for consistency and managing your emotions.



    High Income Skills


  2. Step 2

    What To Do With Your Money

    Once you are earning more money, this step guides you through what to do next.


    • When to start trading and investing: Identify how much money you need to make enough profit.
    • Finding the right opportunities: Research reports that save you 100s of hours.
    • Know when to buy and sell: Daily technical analysis to keep you up to date with key levels.
    • Access to experienced crypto traders and investors: Learn from those who have accomplished your goals.
    • Design your wealth building system: How to build a portfolio.


    When To Buy/Sell

    Project Reports

    Trading System

  3. Step 3

    Accelerating Your Journey

    At this stage you will be getting closer to financial freedom. But how do you reach your goals quicker?


    • High income skills: Learn how to earn even more through your skills.
    • Building a business: for a scalable income stream.
    • Access to experts: that will provide tailored help.


    Exclusive Access to Experts

    Long Term Investing




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The Blueprint

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Our step by step guide to reaching financial freedom through crypto. 

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Daily Newsletter

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Daily concise, no-nonsense, and straight-to-the-point updates and strategies to build crypto wealth.

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Private Discord

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Access a community of experts and friends who will make your journey easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Hundreds of trusted minds are better than one.

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Monthly Airdrop Report

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There are 20 opportunities in our exclusive report updated every month. In under 3 weeks, you’ll be set up to earn $1000s in crypto!

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NFT Deep Dives

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NFT insights to keep you up to date on upcoming and current hot NFTs.

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Priority Support

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Direct access to the Market Meditations team for questions and support.

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Our Team

  • Koroush AK

    5 years trading, investing and consulting crypto markets. Build a complete trading system, master your psychology and navigate the crypto landscape.

  • Kim

    Macro analyst with years of experience from global banking trading desks. Identify market cycles and key macro trends.

  • Cryptosaurus

    DeFi and NFT research specialist. Dive deep into early stage projects.

  • DeFi Samurai

    DeFi and Gaming NFT analyst. Stay up to date with the latest airdrops and hottest early stage projects.

  • Spicy

    Crypto trader with experience at a prop trading firm. Learn to identify when to buy and sell using price action.

  • Specialist Writers

    A series of individual specialized content providers designed to provide you with the best alpha across multiple sectors.


You can start from $0. Our program is designed for everyone.

Our resources are specifically designed for those that have little spare time.

One airdrop can be worth 1000s and we find 20 opportunities each month. Follow our step 1 and you can make back your yearly subscription in a matter of weeks through this one service alone.

One route to success is trying and consistently learning from our mistakes. This can take years to get right. Our approach is to provide the resources you require to succeed whilst giving you access to an experienced community who can teach you what mistakes to avoid.

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