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Hey! We’re Market Meditations. A company committed to helping you become richer in minutes. We started with a newsletter once a week and now produce a portfolio of podcasts, run a range of premium products and send out a free newsletter daily!

We’re headquartered in Dubai but our talented team are based all over the world.


Our journey begins with Koroush AK. Koroush was first introduced to crypto in 2016. He was determined to make the most of the crypto opportunity. Throughout the next bull and bear markets, Koroush held on to his crypto riches and learnt valuable lessons. Building an impressive social media following along the way.


In 2021 Koroush wanted to give back to the community that had helped him achieve his dreams of financial freedom. Specifically, he wanted others to have the same opportunity to get rich through crypto. After linking up with a few trusted experts, Market Meditations was born.


In 2021, Market Meditations surged in popularity. Huge followings were dedicated to the newsletter; the insights changed many people's lives. The podcast allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to build crypto empires. The premium products produced financial freedom for many; thousands of early retirements thanks to crypto riches.


Our mission continues this year. By launching our website, we hope to reach even more people with our suite of services. Everyone deserves financial freedom and we provide everything you need to achieve it.

And we’re just getting started! With more than 40,000 readers and millions of impressions across our platforms, Market Meditations is one of crypto’s fastest-growing businesses. We’ll be launching more products and services in the future… stay tuned.

Our editorial standards


Our global research team is set up such that we are researching the crypto markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to identifying hot trends and opportunity in crypto. All research is explained and presented in an easy-to-understand beginner friendly manner.


Market Meditations is committed to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, transparency and lawfulness. We regularly update our investment disclosures so that readers are aware of our crypto positions and associations.


Crypto markets are volatile. In contrast to the ‘up only’ philosophy of other crypto services, we are committed to balance. We clearly flag where we believe market conditions are unfavourable and we urge balance in all aspects of crypto. We regularly share tips and tricks to support risk management.

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