Achieving Entrepreneurial Success with Ruben Merre | Market Meditations #20

February 22, 2021



Ruben is a serial entrepreneur who launched his first small business at the age of eight years old. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of NGRAVE, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet startup. Prior to NGRAVE, Ruben worked in strategy and management consulting and helped companies scale internationally. Ruben has a masters in Business Engineering and holds several postgraduate degrees. He is also fluent in six languages.

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Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only.

Show Notes:
Ruben's background and education (00:00)
Discovering your purpose in life 06:30
Compound effects on learning (08:00)
How Ngrave figures out problems (14:00)
Why Ruben cares so deeply about crypto security (18:35)
Why does Ngrave excite him? (23:10)
Persons Ruben looks up to (27:50)
Building the right team (37:20)
What books should everyone read (42:50)
Maintaining work-life balance (51:20) πŸ•’ π“π’π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ¦π©π¬