Crypto Pre-Sale Secrets with Bagsy | Market Meditations #12

December 17, 2020



Bagsy (@imBagsy) is a Canadian cryptocurrency trader and advisor and is single handedly responsible for making masks cool again. He wears a mask during all his live streams with friends covering the crypto market. Bagsy is also the brain behind various bots, including BagsyBot, ProofofListing and ProofofGithub.

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Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only.

Show Notes:
Introduction (0:00)
Why Bagsy Stays Anonymous on Twitter (1:13)
Networking on Twitter (4:37)
Bagsy's Book Reading Habit (11:32)
How Bagsy Got Into Crypto & Trading (17:08)
Crypto Twitter Gossip (20:38)
Bagsy's Trading Bot (27:53)
Can You Share a Trading Bot That's Profitable? (30:12)
Bagsy's Trading Style & Presale Secrets (38:07)
Bagsy's Consulting Venture (50:52)
Bagsy's Final Message for Market Meditations (54:35) πŸ•’ π“π’π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ¦π©π¬