How to Take Advantage of Your Mistakes with Crypto Birb | Market Meditations #6

December 08, 2020



Adrian (@crypto_birb) is the founder of the popular trading community The Birb Nest and also he co-founded Yellowblock, a marketing agency for cryptocurrency projects. He is an active trader and popular influencer on Twitter.

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Show Notes:
Introduction (0:00)
Picking your own Twitter avatar (04:25)
Evolution & cycles of Crypto Twitter (08:00)
Lessons learned through Twitter and creating The Birb Nest (11:30)
Regrets throughout the growing process (14:00)
How to deal with negativity from growing a huge following (18:52)
Networking power of Twitter and co-founding Yellowblock (25:10)
Adrian's background and becoming an entrepreneur by networking (30:45)
Writing his second master thesis and looking at the world through different lenses (37:05)
Music and singing as a passion (44:50)
The trade he regrets the most (49:00)

Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only. πŸ•’ π“π’π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ¦π©π¬