Work Less and Earn More with Roy Blackstone | Market Meditations #22

February 27, 2021



Roy Blackstone (@fillbeforeshill) is an author, entrepreneur, trader and successful investor. He started his journey in crypto as a trader but eventually realized that investing was more suitable to the lifestyle he wanted to live. He's the current director of Special Projects at YF Link and author of the fantasy novel Bladeseeker.

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Disclaimer: None of the information communicated in this video is financial advice, I am not a financial advisor and this information is for entertainment purposes only.

Show notes:
Introduction & first work experience (00:00)
Buying his first Bitcoin (08:32)
Nurture and develop your pain threshold (13:05)
Managing your time & choosing priorities (17:45)
How to become efficient (23:50)
Roy's trading & investing journey (28:15)
Focusing on your strengths (33:00)
Thoughts on Chainlink (42:30)
Writing a fantasy novel (47:00) πŸ•’ π“π’π¦πžπ¬π­πšπ¦π©π¬