? Building a Self Sustaining Business with Harjyot Singh

Market Meditations | August 12, 2021

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? Building a Self Sustaining Business with Harjyot Singh

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Harjyot Singh is a successful entrepreneur, currently acting as technology and crypto director of Human Protocol. 

  1. Choosing to be an entrepreneur is often more difficult than 9-5 office jobs as it requires long hours and unsecured income with no guarantee of success.

  2. Successful entrepreneurs must learn a diverse set of skills. Working at an early stage startup will expose you to that diverse skill set, however corporate jobs teach the value of processes and quantitative skills, also essential to success.

  3. Hire people who are more competent than yourself in specific roles. This allows you to stand back and let those team members carry out their functions effectively.

  4. Have empathy. Learn to view the world from the eyes of others and you will be able to share your vision in a way that makes sense to them.

  5. Leverage your network. Do not be afraid to reach out to others whether through your existing network or someone you would like to make a connection with.

  6. In recent history there has been an explosion in the gig economy with ventures such as Deliveroo, Uber and Fiver. From logo design to online transactions to data labelling – the back end infrastructure of these businesses is very similar. Human protocol aims to build the back end of such businesses in a decentralized and permissionless manner.

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