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Market Meditations | May 7, 2021

Dear Meditators

On Friday’s we chart our favourite coins. 

Easy winners this week.  

All with big potential. 

Read, enjoy and share with your network. Let’s all build wealth together.

  • Crypto. Bitcoin holds support, faces resistance at $58-$60k.

  • Legacy. S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial hit record highs on Friday after weak U.S. jobs data eased worries about the Federal Reserve reducing its massive stimulus program anytime soon.

On Friday we provide fundamental and technical analysis on the coins we are trading. To trade any of the coins mentioned you can use:

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In yesterday’s newsletter we looked at Ethereum fundamentals. Ethereum is a hot coin at the moment, hitting new all-time highs as excitement continues to build ahead of the London hard fork and the implementation of EIP-1559, which is expected to take place in July.

Specifically, we focused on bullish on-chain analytics. Today, we look at the technicals. In case you missed our previous analysis: 

Now for the technicals.

One Day

You’ll notice we’ve opted for the BTC pair. Assuming BTC stays in the $50,000-$60,000 range this will set our upside ETH target at ~$5000 dollars.

This is an aggressive target given the break out of the ETH/BTC pair alongside the strong fundamental support.

Invalidation 0.05 BTC.


Stated simply, Chainlink is a bunch of non-connected computers that individually validate and translate real world information for the blockchain. Check out our DeFi 101 article for more information on DeFi, Chainlink and a podcast with @DeFi_Dad. The fundamentals for Chainlink are strong:

  • Use cases. It is the most widely used oracle solution in the smart contract economy providing a large and growing market of potential data consumers.

  • Community. Link marines have diamond hands who don’t often sell their bags. This support feeds through to social media which creates strong hype and momentum. The recent $DOGE rally shows social media hype and momentum are forces to be reckoned with.

  • Accessibility. Very easy to take ETH and swap it for LINK. Further, it is listed on every single major exchange, providing liquidity and ease of purchase. This contrasts with coins that are only available on DEXs with complicated user interfaces.

Over to the technicals, zooming out on the weekly, we can see a very strong uptrend. With the long term moving average moving steadily, barely touching the 30-day moving average. Zooming out further, we see that despite recent sideways consolidation, the bullish trend is intact, with higher highs and higher lows. Let’s take a closer look at the One Day chart.

One Day

Expected to see a major breakout where we hit $50. Now options going forward:

$42 is our key structural level to see continuation of bullish price activity.

Fibonacci tool provides us with 2 potential entries: One at the 0.236 level confluent with $46. Or more conservatively we might see a bounce off of the previous high at around $43. Below that, we may see more sideways price action.

Easiest upside target: Right below the $60 level minus 0.382 extension which gives us $59.47. If we continue to bounce off the 0.236 we could extend this target past the $60 level but it’s very important to note whether we bounce off the $43 or $46 level.

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The Eisenhower Matrix

Do you find that you are always busy, but never seem to get anything done. Many of us do. President Eisenhower however did not. As well as the leading the allied forces to victory in Nazi Germany, he was responsible for implementing the Interstate Highway System (improving the efficiency of the entire US economy) and creating the National Aernautics and Space Administration (NASA). 

In his pursuit of productivity he established that there are “two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent”. So he created the Eisenhower Matrix, a framework which he used to prioritise tasks and increase efficiency.

This is a 2×2 matrix with importance, or the magnitude of the consequence of a task, on one axis and urgency, or the immediacy of the consequence of a task on the other. A task can therefore fall into one of these 4 quadrants.

  1. Do. If the consequences of a task are both immediate and of significant magnitude, simply do it now. Making a large trade that meets the conditions of your trading system would fit into this quadrant.

  2. Decide. If the consequences are of significant magnitude but not immediate, schedule a time to make sure it gets done. Examples include amending your long term asset allocations or creating a new trading system.

  3. Delegate. If this task does need to get done urgently but it is not important, give it to someone else to do. This normally includes menial tasks such as admin.

  4. Delete. If neither important nor urgent, do not do the task and stop thinking about it. This could be watching TV or staring at old trades without objective.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a tool we can all use to focus on the tasks that really matter, increasing your productivity and more importantly your profitability. 

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