Adobe leveling up!

Market Meditations | March 10, 2022

Adobe’s social network, Behance, is adding support so that users can easily showcase their Polygon-based NFTs.

  • Behance is promoting Polygon integration as being more environmentally friendly. This comes from artists saying that NFTs are not particularly conscious of the environment.
  • Polygon has a smaller energy footprint for individual crypto transactions, though it works atop the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Adobe launched a program called Content Authenticity Initiative which not only identifies the creator of the image but also where the image was edited.
  • This past Monday, Behance also announced that users can connect their phantom wallets to showcase their Solana NFTs. Solana similarly tends to artists wanting an environmentally friendly option within crypto.

Though it can be easy to get caught in the hype of one social network, staying up-to-date with this kind of news will aid one’s decision-making when investing.