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Market Meditations | November 30, 2021

And We Are EARLY.

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It’s a $1 trillion opportunity, and we are EARLY.

Today’s Meditations:

  • Top Crypto Stories

  • Grayscale Metaverse Report: Summarised

  • Introducing Social GameFi

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? How Many Zeros In 1 Trillion? 

Institutional giant Grayscale recently released a full report on the Metaverse.

Some people prefer not to read through 19 pages. That’s why we’ve put together a concise summary of everything you need to know. 

Setting The Scene 

The report begins with the evolution of web communities. We hear Web 3.0 thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well: 

  • Web 1.0 – Netscape connected us online 

  • Web 2.0 – Facebook connected us into online communities

  • Web 3.0 – Decentraland connected us into a community-owned virtual world.

Source: Grayscale

And of course, the same way Web 2.0 changed our business models, cultures and politics – the Web 3.0 Metaverse has the potential to do the same.

Sizing The Market

A greater and greater portion of our attention is going towards digital activities, especially for younger generations.

Similarly, players are increasingly moving away from paying to play premium games towards free games, which developers monetize by selling players in-game items to enhance gameplay or social status within these virtual worlds. 

As well as the money, there is also the question of ownership: 

  • Web 2.0 Closed Corporated Metaverse: centrally owned and controlled by big tech, or; 

  • Web 3.0 Open Crypto Metaverse: democratically owned and controlled by global users.

Source: Grayscale

For all the mention of “Play to Earn”, we tend to neglect the importance of the “creator economy” and the significance of big corporations no longer creating capital controls on virtual worlds. 

Gaming is just one of the most immediately addressable segments where value is already starting to naturally shift to Web 3.0, but the Metaverse opportunity extends far beyond gaming. The Metaverse is estimated to be a trillion dollar revenue opportunity across advertising, social commerce, digital events, hardware, and developer/creator monetization.

We’re Still Early 

Source: Grayscale

Compared to other Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 segments, Metaverse virtual world users are still in their early innings, but if current growth rates remain on their current trajectory, this emerging segment has the potential to become mainstream in the coming years. 

Capital investment into the sector has recently started to accelerate but compared to the $10 billion that companies like Facebook plan to invest, and the amounts that could follow from other companies and venture capitalists, the Metaverse is in its early innings.


The Metaverse expands far beyond gaming and even crypto. If this report is anything to go by, the potential is colossal. Better yet, if we are indeed still very early there is a lot of reward to be made. Now seems like a great time to get up to speed with the Metaverse and to consider how best to position yourself for what could be the future of society and the economy as we know it. Or, follow along with the Market Meditations newsletter, we’ll make sure all key events and opportunities are covered.

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? Step Back & Make Room for Social GameFi

Play-To-Earn is exploding as an industry. What generates the hype? 

  • The captivating games themselves; 

  • The earn component of being able to sell your in-game winnings for real money on exchanges; 

  • The excitement of using NFTs in-game; 

? Another often overlooked factor is the community aspect of Play-To-Earn games. 

Many of the projects in the space boast some of the most vibrant and engaged followings, with hundreds of thousands of avid players interacting on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and more. Many projects are looking to capitalize on this community component which has led to the birth of Social GameFi. 

Social GameFi uses monetary incentives to encourage parties of players. This group design has always been part of MMORPGs but has never been implemented in GameFi.

One such example is MetaGods. MetaGods is an action RPG where the best way to progress is by teaming up with a variety of characters with different skills. Squads of demigods are formed, where different characters specialise in particular roles to maximise the potential of the party (squads are able to complete challenges faster, acquire better gear, and level up quicker). Successful parties are able to earn more APY than going solo.

With more and more games emerging, it is encouraging to see games that try to bring in a different feature, such as Social GameFi. Other alternative features include Genopets’ ‘Move-to-Earn’ feature which CoinDesk recently reported.

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