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Market Meditations | October 25, 2021


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We are at a critical moment in the market right now. Quite possibly on the edge of Bull Market 2.0 and equally there are warning signs that this might not materialise.

Today’s Meditations: 

  • ? Everything You Need To Know About SHIB: The Pump + The Dump 

  • ? Key Technical Levels: What We Want To See For Bull Market 2.0 

  • ? Data For Money? Scan Your Eye For Worldcoin

  • ? Our Weekly Crypto Calendar

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? Dog Days of….Autumn? 

The SHIB price surged over the weekend to post a new all-time high once again. But why the sudden spike in the Doge-like dog coin? 

  • The rising price action could be related to rumours inspired by a tweet regarding Robinhood potentially listing SHIB at some point in the future. Robinhood offers its customers surveys to assess retail interest in which assets to offer. 

  • At this point the potential listing is purely speculative, though Robinhood does credit its Dogecoin listing with a massive boost in its Q2 revenue. 

  • Elon Musk responded to Shiba Inu on Twitter with a single word disclosing how much SHIB he holds: “None”, possibly explaining the interruption of SHIB’s pump yesterday.

With bullish sentiment returning to the market, it’s easy to let FOMO creep back in and toy with our emotions. Now more than ever is the time to stick to your investment or trading plan. When markets pump, research is critical. 

Coins like DOGE and SHIB do not have the strongest use-cases or fundamentals in this industry. They do, however, cast a spotlight directly on the importance of a strong community. 

Our Market Meditations are longer format educational segments. Each letter features a Market Meditation which will deep dive and analyse a relevant crypto event, theme or tool. 

? A Chart Tells A Thousand Words


Ugly weekly close last week. Key levels to the downside and upside: 

On the daily, we don’t want to see a close below $60k. 

A daily close above $65k would be bullish and more in line with what we would want to see to head toward Bull Market 2.0 territory.


Challenging $4.2k resistance at the moment. We briefly got to $4.4k but that was just one wick. As such, the real resistance is at the $4.2k level.

At the least, we want to stay above $4k and ideally we break above the $4.2k. 

In a Bull Market 2.0, we expect ETH to outperform BTC. 

Zooming out, the ETH structure looks strong. That is, we are seeing a structure of higher lows and higher highs.


Price has exploded. 

One of the most bullish assets still. Huge behind the scenes developments and projects. 

Definitely a bag we would be holding for the bull market.

Weak invalidation at $190 and strong invalidation around $170. So, a little bit of room until we need to worry. 


Underperforming for a little while. $30 was reasonably significant and it’s looking like the start of a reasonably bullish trend.

If we claim $35, we might then see further upside to $40.

LINK didn’t do as well as we wanted in the last bull market. Let’s see how she does if there’s another one. How many marines still out there?

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?️ Worldcoin is in the EYE of the Beholder

Have you ever heard of a company that gives you free crypto in return for scanning your eye? Worldcoin is doing just that! Worldcoin is a layer 2, Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. They scan your eyes with their probe and you get a share of Worldcoin. Testers get their iris scanned and that becomes a unique code. They are able to get this money from early funding. They attracted $25 million from Silicon Valley investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and Reid Hoffman.

Why is Worldcoin doing this? 

  • Sam Altman, the Worldcoin creator, is giving free crypto to raise crypto awareness

  • They currently have over 100,000 users globally. His goal is for Worldcoin to have 1 billion users by 2023

  • With a big user base, he hopes developers will want to build on top of their system.

  • Ultimately, Worldcoin aims to be a digital wallet that allows users to store crypto and make payments. Attracting developers to help grow Worldcoin is only one of their many hopes. Altman says that this could also set up infrastructure for UBI in the future.

Why is it that not everyone is welcoming this with open eyes?

As the age of the internet invades more and more of our lives, the issue of data privacy has become a prominent one. Needless to say, not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of this project.

On Mondays, our ‘Scan The Week’ section is designed to show our community what events and headlines we will be keeping an eye on.

Monday, 25th October

  • ?Fintech App Current Taps Coinbase’s Bison Trails to Support Polkadot DeFi Plans
    Fintech company Current is one step closer to bringing decentralized finance (DeFi) features to its 3 million users. The firm said Thursday it is working with Bison Trails, the blockchain infrastructure company acquired by Coinbase in January, to sync up with Polkadot parachain networks Karura and Acala. The fintech first announced its crypto plans in May.

  • ?Fantom Developer Conference
    Fantom and Keynote invite developers from every expertise level to explore and learn alongside some of Fantom’s esteemed partners to educate, spark innovation and build confidence during a 4-day conference journey. The conference will include workshops, networking events, training, and presentations from people such as Roger Ver, Andre Cronje, and more..

  • ?The first Index MatrixETF product based on Solana ecosystem ($MSI) is launched officially
    By holding MSI you can easily participate in investing in the Solana project, realize diversified asset placements and enjoy the prosperity of the Solana dynamic ecosystem.

Wednesday, 27th October

  • ⚙️Ethereum Altair Mainnet Upgrade
    Altair, the first mainnet upgrade to the Beacon Chain, has been scheduled for epoch 74240 (Oct 27, 2021, 10:56:23 AM UTC). This upgrade brings light-client support to the core consensus, cleans up beacon state incentive accounting, fixes some issues with validator incentives, and steps up the punitive params as per EIP-2982.

Thursday, 28th October

  • ?Anchor Protocol AMA
    Anchor Protocol will host an AMA on 28 Oct, 22:00 UTC. The objective is to exchange ideas and concerns that are top of mind both for the community and the Anchor dev team.

  • ☄️ Facebook Could Announce Its New Name
    Facebook could announce its new name at its Connect Conference on Thursday. Rumour has it the new name will be Metaverse themed as part of the company’s transition from a social media to Metaverse company.

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