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Market Meditations | December 9, 2021

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Our Market Meditations are longer format educational segments. Each letter features a Market Meditation which will deep dive and analyse a relevant crypto event, theme or tool. 

? Meta-Reverse?

Are you exhausted? You might not be the only one. 

After a series of record weeks of growth for Metaverse coins there are apparently signs that things are slowing down. But that doesn’t mean money sits still. 

Let’s take a look at a few parameters:

  • Metaverse coins like MANA and SAND put in 5-10x runs in a month. They started to generate so much interest that last week the trading volume surpassed the entire market cap of each coin.

  • Such massive growth is not typically sustainable in the short term, especially with such a turnover of coins. The trading volume is now steadily dropping off, which could be signaling at least a short-term reversal.

  • On the other hand, DeFi has been relatively quiet of late, losing crypto market share since August to other asset classes. 

  • Despite the value erosion of the native tokens though, money has been slowly creeping into the protocols and the Total Value Locked in DeFi has doubled since then to ~$250 billion.

  • On-chain stablecoin volume has also been increasing over the same period and is starting to approach the dizzy heights we saw in May.

As much as we are fans of the Metaverse, we don’t know what will happen next in the short term, so it pays to be prepared. Narratives shift quickly so stay on top of your risk management.

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? Crypto Credit

The company Ledger is allowing you to take out a line of credit by using your crypto as collateral. What is the name of said card?

  1. Crypto Life 

  2. Block Life

  3. Crypto Live 

? Come On $50k!


Very simple. Consider the $40k, $50k and $60k levels.

The 100 day moving average just crossed with the low timeframe moving average and the trend is going down. If we lose the $50k level, further downside seems likely. 

If we hold the $50k level, we just have to deal with the 100 day moving average resistance.


Pay attention to the $4k level. 

Starting to see lower highs and lower lows. However, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is holding the key level at $4k fairly well.

?️ Nitro League Racing Into the Metaverse 

Nitro League is a new decentralized mobile game that ventures into the metaverse

This racing game allows players to leverage their current NFTs

  • Set in the year 3050. Clans have taken over the world, there are no more countries and instead of wars, disputes are settled racing in the Nitro Arena. 

  • It is a multi-token economy where players may sell, trade, and own in-game items.

  • Players race against others, complete new missions, and try to create a clan

  • Players can use their existing NFTs. For example, “A CryptoPunk holder can leverage [an NFT], creating exceptional customization in the play-to-earn racing industry”

According to Cointelegraph, Nitro League recently raised $5 million in funding from prominent investors. The team behind Nitro League are AAA blockchain game developers so while a newer project, they are not new to these types of games. Their IDO is live here. 

The ability to leverage existing NFTs is something that we have not seen many people do in existing games. This will not only attract current NFT owners but could incentivize one to own NFTs thus growing the community. 

1. Crypto Life

The Crypto Life card is allowing users in the EU and US to pay more than 50 million retailers in their crypto! Ledger may be known best for its line of hardware wallets but it looks as if the company is branching out to access the growing demand in crypto.

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