Avoid These Common Money Mistakes

Market Meditations | March 16, 2021

Sometimes, no matter how well our investments are doing, we always seem to be losing money. This is because investing and trading is only one pillar of your financial health. Even if this pillar is wildly successful, poor financial habits can still wreak havoc. ?

Here are 5 common money mistakes you can avoid:

  1. Rushing to buy a home ? Taking on a mortgage is a huge financial obligation and can leave you with very little liquid capital. Wait until you are ready to face long term monthly repayments and until you are able to diversify into other assets.
  2. Going to college unnecessarily ? Unless you know what you want to do and that college boosts your earnings potential, avoid incurring this substantial financial burden.
  3. Not saving for retirement ? Saving for the future allows you to take on more risk when you are young and benefit from tax efficiencies. Start saving as early as possible.
  4. Taking on debt ? Whether this is to purchase a car or crypto, borrowing money so you can buy something otherwise unaffordable is a shortcut to financial ruin.
  5. Failing to plan ? Reaching your financial goals is rarely easy. Make a plan and be deliberate with your actions.

Trading and investing can play a crucial part of building wealth however personal finance also plays a major role. By avoiding these common mistakes, you too will be able to hold on to your hard earned profits.