Be the Bank, Week 2 of Arbitrum Odyssey

Market Meditations | July 1, 2022

The Arbitrum Odyssey is in full swing! Attempts to bring crypto users to the layer 2 chain began with bridge week, resulting in more than 43,000 ETH being bridged to Arbitrum. Week 2 activities have been announced and include liquidity provider activities on Yield Protocol and GMX.

  1. To collect the Arrival on Penumbra NFT for Yield Protocol, one of the following objectives must be completed.:
  1. Provide liquidity of $50 or more.
  2. Lend a minimum of $50 worth of assets on the protocol.
  3. Borrow $100 worth of assets using the supported collateral.
  1. To collect the Blueberry Nebula NFT offered by GMX, a decentralised perpetual exchange, you must complete all 3 activities, each one having a $10 minimum (excluding gas fees).
    1. Make a leveraged trade.
    2. Provide liquidity by minting GLP.
    3. Do a spot swap on GMX.

If you are having trouble completing the tasks, this medium article comes equipped with screenshots.

Users who were able to successfully claim the Odyssey NFT may also be eligible for bonus drops from the bridges they used, with bridges like HOP releasing its own participation NFT. Even some wallets, like IMToken are offering bonus collections for users who do the Odyssey using their wallet.

Even if not looking to build an NFT collection, participating in the Odyssey campaign will advance user knowledge of the Arbitrum network and some of its most popular protocols, making for a more informed investor.