Bitcoin and Altcoin Correction. Don't Panic. #71

Market Meditations | January 11, 2021

After today’s newsletter, you will know how to trade red days like today.

Dear Meditators

As usual, Twitter approaches hysteria given any indication of a BTC dip.

After today’s newsletter, you will know how to trade red days like today

Let us learn to be profitable and composed traders, whether the market is bullish, bearish or somewhere in between.

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Correction. Don’t Panic.

We asked, you answered and now we deliver. 

For this article, we take a look at the 2017 bull market to see whether we can learn from past market behavior and whether this could be a good buy opportunity for those that felt left out. 

Later, I focus on altcoins and whether they are holding strong against bitcoin, which could be a sign for what we can expect in the next few weeks. 

Markets don’t go up in a straight line. 

New market participants that recently bought after others convinced them that ‘number go up’ learned their first valuable lesson.

When there is no resistance on the way up, support on the way down is likely to be thin as well.

Those of us that were here in 2017 have become immune to this kind of volatility knowing that in a bull market, days like today are healthy and necessary in order for the overall uptrend to continue. 

Bears have temporarily taken over control of the market and until some higher time frame levels are reclaimed, it makes sense to remain cautious until the market has found a bottom. 

Has The Bull Market Ended?

In a great Twitter thread this morning, Synthetix co-founder Kain Warwick shared what tends to initiate corrections like this. 

As the market goes up without signs of a big correction, leverage builds up slowly which is ultimately the required ingredient for a sharp drop like we’re seeing today

In the early stages of a bull market, holders are not capitulating or panic selling after the first 20% correction in months. 

It’s the selling pressure from leverage trades getting liquidated that leads to a snowball effect and an acceleration of the ‘crash’ until the market finds a level where long-term holders are willing to accumulate again

The market reverts back towards the mean in search of longer-term support.

Has the market bottomed or can we expect prices to move down even further?

Nobody knows for sure. 

The difference in buyers (retail vs institutional) between 2017 and now is a strong argument that we might not see that deep 35-40% pullback like we saw back then. 

That said, we haven’t seen a correction of more than 20% since the lows in March, so going down ever further cannot be ruled out either now that momentum has temporarily shifted in favor of bears. 

Always have some dry powder available to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Calling tops and bottoms in this market is a fool’s errand. 

Even if you are considering buying the dip, you should choose your entry wisely. You can find some of our insights in today’s livestream.

The bounce that follows will likely be equally aggressive, but traders must make sure to not get liquidated before that actually happens. 

Many traders will be considering buying this correct dip. Before you do so, 

Before we move on to altcoins, there is something else we should stress here. 

Market Meditators, if this correction has caused you to panic, the chances are you are overexposed to crypto. 

We have created a full FREE ? Risk Management ? course for you. 

The best traders in the world put in place proper risk management frameworks. Follow their example and protect your capital.

What About Altcoins?

As I’ve written before, altcoins have ‘higher beta’ meaning that they are essentially leveraged bitcoin positions.

The moves are bigger on both sides of the coin.

An altcoin going up 50% in a day doesn’t surprise anybody who has been in crypto long enough, but that also means that during corrections they fall back deep, often retracing 30-50% from their highs while taking out all the stop-losses that have accumulated over the last few days/weeks.


Many altcoins are now retesting prior high time frame resistance levels as support. 

Panic selling on red days like this isn’t the best choice most of the time. 

You either panic early or sit tight and wait for a reversal while managing your risk properly.

Letting your emotions cloud your decisions is the most common mistake that traders make.

Currently we’re watching $8.2 as our key DOT resistance. Claiming this should result in upside continuation.


The benchmark I’ve used for altcoin strength still looks healthy

The 0.03BTC support, confluent with 0.382 level, is essential to maintain a bullish bias. Should it hold, we can expect Ethereum to hold relatively well against bitcoin for the remainder of the correction which would be good for altcoins in general. 

If this is indeed a correction before the higher time frame uptrend resumes, altcoins could potentially outperform bitcoin in the foreseeable future once the market finds its bottom.

Remain patient and manage your risk. 

The crypto market tends to overextend on both sides so playing with leverage in these conditions should only be done with the proper risk management in place. 


This is not the first correction to happen in our space and it is not the last. Panic should not be your response to the current market conditions. If it is, the chances are you need to reconsider your risk management. Corrections are a normal and at times healthy part of a bull run. History has shown us this. They offer dip buying opportunities and also fresh opportunities in altcoin markets. Do not let your emotions cloud your trading strategies.

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