Blueprint: Full Time Skills

Market Meditations | January 10, 2023

Today we share full time skills that can earn the highest incomes in crypto.

1️⃣ Coding / Development

Who is it for: Those who wish to develop a 6 figure skill and are happy to spend the required time honing their skills.

Free resource pathway

  1. Learn the basics: Introduction to computer science (Harvard)
  2. Learn how to code: Code Academy
  3. Become a beginner blockchain developer: Cryptozombies
  4. Learn an advanced skill set: Complete DeFi Developer Roadmap

Daily time required: 4+ hours

Daily routine: To start with, spend at least 4 hours each day running through the free resource pathway. Once you have developed enough competency to build basic programs, split your time between learning skills and applying those skills.

Jobs: Freelance developer, Software engineer

Summary: Whilst coding is a significant time investment however it produces some of the largest salaries in crypto. There is a large demand for developers, however a small supply meaning that coders can often get flexible hours and significant salaries.

2️⃣ Data Analysis

Who is it for: Analytical / logical individuals who enjoy math and critical thinking.

Free resource pathway:

  1. IBM Course
  2. Google Data Analytics Course

Daily time required: 4+ hours

Daily routine: Spend daily required time running through the beginner Data Analytics courses. Once complete you will have a good understanding of any additional skills you require. At this stage spend the 3 hours learning any technical skills required and applying those to crypto using tools such as Nansen and Dune.

Jobs: Data scientist, business analyst, research analyst

Summary: Never has there been more data available. But the more data we have, the more difficult it is to manipulate. There is a large opportunity with high salaries for those that are able to generate actionable insights from the masses of data.

3️⃣ UX Design

Who is it for: Creative individuals who may already have a background in a related field such as graphic design / web design.

Free resource pathway:

  1. Hackdesign
  2. Learn UX Google
  3. UX Design Certification

Daily time required: 3+ hours

Daily routine: Initially run though the free resource pathway. Once complete, start running through crypto sites and providing recommendations on their UX. You can then start sharing those recommendations with the projects and offering your services or applying for UX jobs using a more traditional application process.

Jobs: UX Designer

Summary: Whilst many high income job roles in crypto require a high degree of technical competence, there are less which lend themselves to those who are in more creative industries. UX design however allows those individuals to find high earning jobs in the sector.

Bonus Round – More Skills

Traditional job roles applied to crypto (legal / finance), product management, project management


Earning more is the first step to building up your crypto portfolio.

It provides a consistent income that can be used to trade larger position sizes and invest more.

And the crypto industry is the perfect opportunity!

There is a high demand for skills but a low supply of people with those skills.