F.U. Money – Dan Lok

Market Meditations | March 19, 2021

F.U. Money

In his book F.U. Money, Dan Lok explains how we can all make ? F.U. money ?

“Any amount of money allowing the infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone”. 

? Let’s explore some of the main concepts from this book ?

1️⃣Envisage your dream lifestyle.

What’s your goal? ? If your answer is ‘getting rich’ then it is too vague ? For you cannot hit a target which you cannot see. That you can’t picture in your mind and reach out towards. Lok suggests creating a F.U.M.T (F.U. money target list) ✏️ To create this list, try to imagine what your ultimate lifestyle would look like. And then, how much would it cost you to live that lifestyle yearly? For example:

  • Rent costs for Meditation temple: $300k 
  • Lavish meditation holidays: $100k 
  • Meditation classes: $50k 
  • Extra spending money for meditation related activities: $100k

The Market Meditations’ purple yogi lifestyle comes out as $550k a year. ? Try making your own list. Picture all that you would desire in a given year, list it and assign it a cost to arrive at your total yearly cost. 

✅ You’ll notice you don’t need as much as you think to live your ultimate lifestyle. It goes from a hypothetical ‘becoming rich’ to ‘I need X amount a year to live my dream lifestyle’.

? Now you know what you are working towards, you can start focusing on how to get there. Design your trading strategies and decide your risk appetite with that target in mind.

2️⃣Get on the fast lane.

The slow way is your traditional 9-5 job and putting your money in savings until you can retire in 30-40 years ? This is the ‘proven’ method that we’ve grown up to accept. However, it is slow and you lack control ? The fast way involves a range of methods: 

  • Becoming a skilled investor and/or trader ?
  • Real estate investments ?
  • Creating your own business?

Pick your weapon of choice and set about pursuing it. For becoming a skilled investor and/or trader, we are confident that you will achieve that as part of the ? Market Meditations community ? To get started with trading: check out our free Technical Analysis course for Beginners ?

For creating your own business, Lok identifies ? 9 characteristics of an ideal business: doing something you love, low start-up costs, low overheads, ability to work in different locations, sustainable demand, high profit margin, little to no staff, creates money while you sleep and scalability ? Now, we may be biased but we believe crypto ticks all these boxes. 


Once you have picked your method, Lok believes the formula is really quite simple:

Having a great vision + delivering value + solving problems = richness 

Thing is, people don’t like simple solutions. They want a magic button that will do everything for them ❌ They jump from one idea to another and never commit. It’s even true of lifestyle. All it takes to lose weight is a calorie deficit: consistently exercising and eating a good diet. Instead, people are willing to pay huge amounts of money for ‘guaranteed’ weight loss pills or products. ? Whilst there are many resources out there, at the end of the day, your fate is in your own hands ? You’re the one who needs to grab your F.U.M.T list.