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Market Meditations | February 26, 2021

? Protect Your Profits.

Dear Meditators

Sometimes, when markets turn bearish, we can no longer see the forest for the trees ?

Don’t make that mistake. Allow us to guide you through bitcoin technical analysis, to help you navigate the current market dynamic ?

And then, while the world watches bitcoin, let’s consider other hot topics and reward opportunities in the cyryptomarkets ✅ There are many out there and we’ll show you them today.

Read, enjoy and share with your network. Let’s all grow richer together.


  • Today, Cardano flipped Polkadot and Binance, to become the 3rd biggest cryptocurrency by Market Cap.

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Grayscale Opens Doors to 23 New Tokens

It was not long ago that our market was retail dominated. Institutions were known to comment on cryptocurrencies but their skin, always, remained firmly out of the game ? Bit by bit, we saw institutions enter the space through bitcoin. Next came ethereum. And now, we have even seen them open their doors to altcoins and DeFi. Layer open layer of validation for the cryptomarkets ?

Today, Grayscale (which many are referring to as the ‘New Coinbase’) listed23 tokens and notified the exploration of “new investment products”.

Seven of them are Ethereum-based governance tokens in: AAVE, UNI, COMP, MKR, SUSHI, SNX, and YFI. Grayscale also included Ethereum’s competition in ADA, DOT, EOS, ATOM, and XTZ. Grayscale even included cryptocurrencies with a low market capitalization—ranking below 100 or less than $500 million in total market cap—in RSR, NMR and LPT.

? Why the new coinbase? Well, in the previous bull run, a new listing from coinbase raised hopes around additional retail volume in the token and reduction in regulatory risk. Grayscale’s role is reminiscent. Albeit, the effect is on the institutional level since the product’s offerings are only available to institutions (or ‘accredited investors’ to use finance jargon). And let’s face it, institutions have deep pockets; if they want to pump our bags, they can be our guest ?

Next stop: altcoins ?

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Exchange Tokens Aren’t Finished

Binance continues to show strength and Coinbase is potentially getting the highest US tech company valuation of all time at IPO. On top of that Kraken has announced it’s looking for a valuation of $10 Billion!

Fundamentally I’m very bullish on the exchange token narrative. 

Let’s dive into the technicals ?


One Day

Price has retraced in line with Bitcoin, $24-$26 confluent with the 0.5-0.618 levels and support present a high risk high reward area for entry.

Risk will be strongly correlated with exit targets. Conservatively $31 provides an exit opportunity. In current riskier market conditions I’ll be paying close attention to signs of strength on $BTC to extend my target.


Pay Attention to Bitcoin


How to Decrease Transaction Fees with Utrust’s HOLD app

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Why use it? The seamless user interface makes the product genuinely easy to use and the VISA debit card makes it simple to spend your crypto. The fact that this is all done on one app also means you no longer have to incur costly transaction fees required when moving around your crypto.

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8 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom with Koroush AK

In this episode, we are going to examine 8 key points that can help you achieve financial freedom. Wealth is not a result of luck but of applying consistent habits that we will break down for you.


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