Yield Farming Sneak Peek

Market Meditations | August 29, 2022

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This article is a sneak peak to our yield farming portfolio. Here’s a guide to one of our current favourite stablecoin farms:


APY: 5.44%

Currency: USDC / USDT

Level: Intermediate 🟠

Blockchain: Arbitrum

Getting Started:

1. Start on Beefy, and find the USDC/USDT entry in the vault list.

2. Clicking it to open the vault page will display the historical interest rate and present deposit/withdraw options. Click “Add Liquidity” to be taken to acquire needed LP tokens.

3. Enter the relevant amount of USDC/USDT in the fields and click “deposit” (take care not to click “Deposit & stake in gauge). Once complete you’re free to head back to Beefy to commit the newly received 2CRV LP tokens to the farm.

4. All that is left to do is enter the number of 2CRV tokens desired to be deposited, click “Deposit” and confirm the transactions.


Risk Analysis: Medium 🟠


Category Beefy(1-3) Curve(1-3)
Audits / Code 3 3
Protocol Longevity 2 3
Stablecoin Tier 3 3
Team 2 2
TVL of Farm 3 3
TVL of Protocol 2 3
Yield Generation 2 3
Average 2.4 2.9


Final risk rating: 2.2

Lockup period: No lock-up period

Fees: Blockchain fees, 4.5% Performance Fee, 0.01% Withdrawal Fee

Conclusion: Beefy draws LP tokens from Curve to deposit in its auto compounding strategy offering a 5.8% APY yield on the USDC/USDT pairing. The yield in this farm is not the highest, but the low fees provided by Arbitrum coupled with a solid farm lifespan and TVL make it promising for farmers involved in the layer 2 scene.


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