Introduction to Illuvium

Market Meditations | September 2, 2021

? In A Galaxy Far, Far Away 

You’re stranded. On a ruined planet. Plagued by erratic weather events. One of the few survivors of an intergalactic spaceship crash. What hope is there for you? You have some technology that allows you to capture the native fauna of the planet – Illuvials. And make no mistake, these are powerful beasts with potent abilities. 

Your only chance is to capture and control them. Unlocking new areas of the planet as you go along. Your fate is in your hands. Perhaps you will leverage the raw materials on the planet to craft weapons and armour; for only the finest tools will allow you to capture the rarest Illuvials.

This experience is brought to you by Illuvium:

  • Illuvium is a Play-to-Earn game currently in development in the RPG genre.
  • Unless you’re living under a rock (an Ether rock if you’re lucky) you’ve probably heard of the colossal movement that is Play-to-Earn.
  • Empowering gamers and creative people alike to turn their hobby and passion into a career; a 6 or 7 figure career in some cases. 
  • A successful capture of an Illuvial results in a new NFT token representing the Illuvial being minted and stored in your wallet. When you manage to capture a few of the same type, you fuse them together, which burns the existing tokens and mints a more powerful creature.

Illuvium is separated into two distinct game modes:

1️⃣ Open-world RPG 

2️⃣ Battle Arena

At launch, only the open-world mode of the game will be open, with battle arenas following soon after. Players will be able to explore an open world and capture Illuvials (Pokemon-like beasts), which can then be formed into teams and tested in PvP arena. Iluvium will launch on PC late 2021 with a Mobile version following in 2022.

Here’s what we know so far: 

  • Key highlights of the game focus on governance models, economy, and groundbreaking visuals for the blockchain gaming genre.
  • Illuvium is rapidly gaining momentum and is the beneficiary of a huge community and online following. Their discord server boasts 91,000+ members at time of writing.
  • The team currently comprises over 100 people. Making it amongst the largest staff in the blockchain gaming industry.
  • The game utilizes two forms of tokens: $ILV and sILV. $ILV has no in-game use. sILV is an in-game currency synthetic token pegged to $ILV. $ILV token holders can stake their tokens to earn $ILV or sILV.
  • Prior to launch of the game, $ILV holders may choose to stake $ILV to access the liquidity mining program (a type of ‘yield farming’ that has become popular with DeFi protocols where the founding teams seek to decentralise the governance of the protocol).