Our Bull Market Strategy

Market Meditations | October 22, 2021

TIP 1️⃣: Don’t Sell Early 

  • Don’t fight the trend. When we break out, we tend to see an explosive uptrend afterwards. Sometimes these moves are mammoth; capturing them is extremely powerful.
  • Remember: the trend is your friend.
  • This is not just true of bitcoin, altcoins can also behave this way. BNB, MATIC and SOL are good examples.
  • Focus more on macro risk management instead of selling at a certain point. For instance, you can use a trailing stop loss or a moon bag. A moon bag is where you keep a certain % of your position because whilst you want to lock in some profits, you believe the asset will moon / the macro trend will continue.

TIP 2️⃣: Do Not Try To Predict Tops/Bottoms

  • This is similar to selling early. You assume the top so you either sell or you try to short the top. Truth be told, we haven’t come across many people who have been successful in crypto through this type of strategy.
  • Most people we’ve come across throughout the years have done much better riding the trend.

TIP 3️⃣: Do Not Overtrade

  • We mentioned in Tip 1 that we can see serious price pumps in a bull market. The temptation is to open a long position in every altcoin under the sun. Resist the temptation.
  • Instead, try to form a strong thesis and back it with conviction. This, you gain from backtesting and following the right people. Focus on assets you understand and ideas you believe in. You don’t need to capture every single pump.

TIP 4️⃣: Buy Dips 

  • For those positions you have selected, consider using a trailing Fibonacci Retracement to enter a long position. Draw your usual levels and wait until a retracement to the 0.236 or 0.382 level to enter a position.
  • For more on drawing Fibonacci levels, check out our guide.

TIP 5️⃣: Manage Your Risk 

  • Following on from the above example, perhaps you set a stop loss at the 0.618 level. Whatever your strategy is, make sure your risk is managed.
  • This also means you shouldn’t all in on one asset. Portfolio diversification is just as important in a bull market.

TIP 6️⃣: Focus on News/Events 

  • Don’t ignore fundamentals and on-chain metrics. The charts are important but they are not everything. To not have a sense for what’s going on in the rest of the market is a clear disadvantage.

TIP 7️⃣: Protect Your Health 

  • We know that bullish market conditions are exciting and the temptation is to prioritise trading and investing over sleep, diet, exercise and socialising. Not only is this damaging to your health, it will likely negatively impact your trading and investing too.
  • There will always be another opportunity so try to take care of yourself.