Pay Attention to Cardano

Market Meditations | February 17, 2021

A beginner’s guide for trading Cardano ? 

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With so many altcoin choices, it can be difficult to know where to start making money. 

In today’s newsletter, we provide a beginner’s guide for trading Cardano ? 

Technicals, fundamentals, we’ve got it all ✅

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  • Coinbase Gets $77 Billion Valuation ?
    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which is preparing to trade publicly in the next few months, is being valued at $77 billion, based on trading of the company’s privately held shares on a secondary market. Those shares in the largest crypto exchange in the U.S. are changing hands on the Nasdaq Private Market at $303 a piece, according to two people with knowledge of the auction. That implies a total company value of about $77 billion – greater than Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the owner of the New York Stock Exchange. Read more.

  • MicroStrategy $900M to Buy More Bitcoin ?
    Following a Tuesday announcement that MicroStrategy would be planning to buy $600 million in Bitcoin through a sale of convertible notes, the business intelligence firm has upped the ante by another $300 million. MicroStrategy said today it would be selling $900 million in convertible senior notes due in 2027 in a private offering to qualified institutional buyers. According to the firm’s estimates, the proceeds of the sale will be roughly $879 million. It added, however, that it could be as high as $1 billion “if the initial purchasers exercise in full their option to purchase additional notes.” Read more.

  • North Korean Hackers Steal $100 million+ From Crypto Firms ?
    The U.S. government has charged North Korean three hackers in connection with an array of cybercrime, including thefts from hundreds of businesses including several in the cryptocurrency sector. For more on protecting your capital, check out our ? Essential Crypto Security Guide ? Much of the $1.3 billion figure cited by the Department of Justice on Wednesday appears linked to illicit money transfers from bank accounts. But DOJ statements cite several unnamed crypto firms, including a mining company in Slovenia that appears to service provider NiceHash, as targets of the hackers. NiceHash was attacked in December 2017, the same period referenced by the DOJ. Read more.

  • India to Levy Taxes on Crypto Trading and Gains ?
    The Indian government is reportedly set to levy taxes on cryptocurrency trading and gains. Business Standard reported the news on Wednesday, citing an anonymous senior finance ministry official “privy to the development.” The official said both goods and services tax (GST) on the trading of cryptocurrencies and income tax (I-T) on crypto gains would be charged for the current financial year, April 2020 to March 2021. Read more.

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Pay Attention to Cardano

Today we’re going to review and help you interpret the fundamental and technical analysis of Cardano, an altcoin that has recently been generating a noticeable amount of buzz. 

The Cardano token (ADA) currently sits behind Polkadot (DOT) with a $26.8 Billion market cap. You may ask, however: “is Cardano important for the crypto ecosystem? What problem is it solving that Bitcoin or Ethereum don’t? Is it something I should look more into?” Let’s look at the answers.

How to Protect Your Profits with Trader SZ

Saeed Zaman is a well-known trader and mentor. He holds a degree in mathematics and has been a full-time trader for 8 years, covering a range of markets with a focus on FX.

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