🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Aug.09

Market Meditations | August 14, 2021

We wont let you miss ANYTHING this week.

Dear Meditators

We wont let you miss any of the key events this week, and a busy week it has been.

  • Cardano hard fork release date announced

  • Crypto Football Transfers

  • Crypto ATMs

  • Yet more important politics and legislation

  • Heaps of TA and FA

And so much more.

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  • ? It’s Getting Hot In Ether. The EIP-1559 upgrade has generated a lot of hype. But why is that? Click to find out.

  • ? Cardano, Alonzo & Goguen. Shortly after the EIP-1559 upgrade, Cardano announced its Alonzo hard fork deployment date. But when will this be? And how will it affect users or traders of Cardano? Click to find out.

  • ? Terra Takes Over. Terra, a decentralized blockchain platform courtesy of Terraform Labs has had big things happening this week. Click here to find out what.


  • ? 3 Crypto Plays. We have all the TA and FA you could need in this section. For BTC, ETH and one other token… Click to find out which one.

  • Crypto Football Transfer. Do you know which current Barcelona FC player is transferring to a new team and has reportedly had crypto fan tokens included in his contract? Click to find out.

  • ? NFTs Rock! NFT’s have gotten pretty big recently. Here we have a new trend… NFT rocks (yes – rocks). Click to find out more.


  • ? A Cross Chain. Poly Network was recently hacked for over £600 million. Click to find out all we know so far.

  • ⚒️ Maslow’s Hammer: Avoiding Tunnel Vision. Psychologist Abraham Maslow once said “if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”. This sentence is very much applicable to everyday life. But how can you avoid falling into this trap? Click to find out.

  • ? Pay To Play Politics. Recently there have been a lot of headlines on regulation and taxation. But what prompted this? Could it be the big banks whispering in legislators ears? Click to find out our take.


  • ? Crypto, Gaming and $100m FTX Partnerships with Burg. Missed our podcast with Burg (@burglol), who is head of partnerships at FTX? No worries, we’ve got your back. Click for our key insights and lessons.

  • ? BTC On The Big on Screen. Do you know which cinema company has recently announced they plan to be able to accept Bitcoin by 2022? Click to see if you’re right.

  • ? Going Full Circle? Circle, a FinTech company known for the USDC stablecoin, announced today that they intended to become a “full-reserve national commercial bank”. But what does full-reserve mean, why might they be doing this, and what could this mean for crypto in general? Click to find out.


  •  ❗Infrastructure Package Sealed with Red Tape. The final passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is expected to be voted on ASAP. But their definition of “broker” could have some unpleasant consequences for miners and developers. Click to find out what.

  • New ATHs? Key plays, resistance levels, moving averages and bulls showing strength. Here is our technical and fundamental analysis for our old favourites, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Click to find out where we’re looking

  • ? Crypto Access To Masses. A lot of people just starting out struggle to initially get their money into crypto. But you know what could help them? Crypto ATMs! Click to find out more.

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