🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Aug.23

Market Meditations | August 28, 2021

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It’s not that you want to miss the latest crypto news and insights. These things happen. Enjoy this full recap.

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  • ? For Ether and Beyond. This week’s Friday Technical Analysis comes with all you need on ETH, BTC and one other altcoin we think you should be watching. Click to find out which one.

  • ? Columbus to Make Lunar Landing. Terra (LUNA) has hit all time highs this week. But how does its ecosystem linked to stable coins work? And with a new upgrade in the pipeline how will this change in the coming weeks? Click to find out.

  • ? Whale Hello There. The COVID 19 pandemic left most of us with significantly increased free time. Benyamin Ahmed spent that learning to code and created his very own NFT Collection. But how much could this 12 year old possibly have made? Click to find out.



  • ? A Fair Exchange? If you use an exchange, should you be paying attention to their exchange token? We think yes, click to find out why.

  • ? How Likely is Success? It’s easy to get caught up in new project hype, and think that all of them will succeed. However, this is not realistic given how many projects have failed in the past. But the real question is, how do you avoid falling into this trap? Click to find out.

  • ? It’s a DeFi ParTi. Bloomberg recently partnered with Galaxy Digital to launch a DeFi index fund or a portfolio of protocols in the DeFi segment of the market. But what are our key takeaways? Click to find out.


  • ? How To Successfully Trade Altcoins. We sprinkle a little bit of alpha your way on what is our preferred strategy for trading altcoins. Click to find out more.

  • ? Punks Snapped Up. Do you know which payment company has bought the NFT “CryptoPunk 7610”? Click to find out.

  • ? Quids In? Last year paypal announced cryptocurrency services in the USA, now they have announced a UK offering. But what does this mean for those in the UK and how does it affect the market. Click to find out.


  • ? Nice to BTC You. All the technical and fundamental analysis you could need, with key levels, plays, entries and exits. We have you covered, click to find out more.

  • ? Lower NFT Fees, Please. The NFT craze is booming on the Ethereum network and the respective gas fees are increasing. Yet there is newer, cheaper and faster competitors all in the pipework. Click for our take.

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Friday: ? How To Invest in NFTs with Andrew Steinwold: Part 2

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