🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Dec. 13

Market Meditations | December 18, 2021

So much alpha this week. Let’s recap!

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  • ? Hottest Crypto Trends for 2022 with Ryan Selkis. Ryan is former director of growth at Digital Currency Group and founder / CEO of Messari. He started his first company at 25 and got into Bitcoin early and has been here since. Click to check out our summary of him on the Market Meditations Podcast. 

  • ? The Bitcoin Mortgage. If all your wealth is tied up in crypto, it may be difficult to get a standard mortgage due to restrictions and banking regulations around crypto. But now there just might be a solution to your problem. Click to find out more. 

  • ? A Beacon of Hope. An Ethereum contract containing over 8.6 million Ether, worth a staggering $33.5 billion, is frozen until a specific set of criteria is met which will unlock it. Click to find out all we know. 


  • ? DeFi-ying Expectation. There is so much available to us in DeFi. But do you know much about each exchange’s liquidity and slippage? Or what may be the best to suit you? Click to find out more. 

  • ? Big Mistake. In Big Mistakes by Michael Batnick he talks about the Law of Holes. But what is the definition of this? Click to test your knowledge. 

  • ? Crypto Exchange Shut Down. A scam crypto exchange was just taken down in South Korea. But how did this happen and how can you avoid it happening to you?


  • ? I Wanna Be A Trillionaire… Users that logged into certain platforms yesterday might have been surprised to see their accounts had ballooned into trillion-dollar investments! But how did this happen? Click to find out.

  • ? Tracking Profits of the Best NFT Traders. Interested in tracking the profits of the best NFT traders so that you can replicate? Click to read our full article on how to do it.  

  • ? Into The Galaverse. Into The Galaverse was an event held in Las Vegas Dec 11th-12th, with a virtual day on December 13th led by Gala Games. It announced some exciting gaming happenings. Click to find out what. 


  • ☄️ Welcome, to DeFi Reborn. Messari’s recent Crypto 2022 Thesis Report included an insightful section addressing Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We’ve summarised the high points for you. Click to check it out.

  • ?Live Long, Don’t Prosper. Play-to-earn NFT platform Vulcan Forged has recently refunded investors the day after the platform was hacked. But how much did they have to return? Click to test your skills.

  • ? All Fan and Games. Social media has allowed companies to thrive off of fans. And they’ve started to add crypto in the mix to add even more incentives. Click to find out how.  


  •  ? Sending Crypto via WhatsApp. Late last week, WhatsApp announced that they are currently running a pilot program wherein users can send crypto to other users through their chat service. But what does this mean for your crypto and the space? Click to find out.

  • ? Essential & Technical Updates. There are three key levels to watch on Bitcoin. Click to find out which ones.

  • ⛏ Another BTC ATH?. Bitcoin is dipping but hash rates are at a new all-time high. So, why does the hash rate increase while the price decreases? Click to find out.

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Friday: Hottest Crypto Trends for 2022 with Ryan Selkis

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Ryan is the former director of growth at Digital Currency Group and founder / CEO of Messari.

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