🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Dec. 27

Market Meditations | January 1, 2022

Step into 2022 with a bang

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  • ? OpenSeason on Apes. Sixteen Bored and Mutant Ape NFTs were frozen by marketplace OpenSea Wednesday when they were reportedly stolen from a New York art gallery operator! Click to read all the key details.

  • ? BTC & A DeFi Mystery. Technicals are the best way to start a new year. Click to see ours.

  • ? The Metaverse ETF. Proshares, whose bitcoin futures ETF was the first to gain approval on the NYSE. Is applying for a Metaverse ETF too. But will they get it? Click for our take.


  • ⚓ Anchor Lends Stability in Unpredictable Crypto Climate, Deposits on Anchor recently surpassed $10 billion, probably resulting from LUNA’s most recent all-time high coupled with the integration of UST, Terra’s flagship stablecoin. Click to find out what it is. 

  • ? Drop The Ball. The owner of New York’s Times Square is recreating the NYE party but where is it taking place? Click to test your skills.

  • ? At Least All The Money is Not Poly-GONE. Polygon has recently fixed some bugs in their network that could have been disastrous. This vulnerability put up to $24 billion of MATIC at risk! Click to find out how they caught the bugs.


  • ? Arbitrum – The Answer to Ethereum’s Problems? Ethereum’s expensive gas fees have played a pivotal role in the 2021 crypto market. But is there a solution in sight? Click to find out.

  • ? Missing Link. Like all good marine animals, Chainlink has been underwater compared to Ethereum for quite some time, plumbing the depths since mid-August. But before yesterday’s market-wide dip there were some signs of light overhead. Could it be preparing for its ascent? Click to find out our take.

  • ? Will Sushi Get Froggy? There are plenty of people in the defi community who want to see the fork of Uniswap succeed. Click to see our thoughts on the restructure.


  • ? Market Meditations: Highlights of 2021. So much has happened this year. Click to find out our highlights of 2021.

  • ? Binance Expands to Middle East. Do you know Which middle eastern country has been the first to give Binance approval in principle to establish itself as a crypto-asset service provider? Click to test your skills. 

  • ? In the Mixer. On Sunday PeckShield reported another suspected rug pull when the price of MetaSwap MGAS suddenly plunged 47% in price. But what happened this time? Click to find out.


  • ??‍? DeFi’ing Gravity. Terra’s $LUNA token has shown remarkable resilience in the face of some choppy price action over the month of December. Click to find out why?

  • ? BTC Back In Action? After the Santa Claus rally is bitcoin back in action? Click to see our take on the technicals.

  • ⚙️ Kraken to Implement NFT Functionality. NFTs are the future. But the conversation keeps coming back to are they also functional? Krakens new functionality allows them to be so. Click to find out how. 

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