🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Feb. 07

Market Meditations | February 12, 2022

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  • ? Forbes to Receive Crypto BinancingForbes, one of the oldest and most respected print and digital publishers, is on the receiving end of a $200 million strategic investment from the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Click to find out more.
  • ?‍♂️ It’s Ok to Get Rugged – Seriously! Recently we has our podcast with Diran, Head of Data at Messari and we learnt 3 valuable lessons when he first stepped into crypto. Click to find out more. 
  • ₿ The Rise of Crypto. The USA has gradually become more and more friendly to crypto as time has gone on. Click to find out the latest updates.

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  • ? Get Out of Jail Free. When investing locking up some of your liquidity is inevitable. But is there a way where you can use your NFT’s to unlock liquidity? Click to find out more. 
  • ?️ Russia is on board! Crypto adoption has been looming across the world. And now it seems Russia has joined the party. Click to find out more. 
  • ? Making a House an NFT. Leslie Alessandra, a Florida homeowner is auctioning her house as an NFT. Click to find out how she did it. 

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  • ? Billion Dollar Heist. What do you do when you’ve got nearly $4 billion worth of stolen cryptocurrency?  You’re rich, but you can’t tell anyone; you’re a billionaire but you can’t spend it easily. That’s reign we have updates for the 2016 Bitfinex hack. Click to find out more
  • ? Identifying Hot Tokens – Part 1Ever wondered how you can start identifying hot tokens? Click here to read our comprehensive guide. 
  • ?? A Bipartisan Issue. Crypto is back in the minds of American politicians. But what are they discussing this time? Click here to find out.

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  • ? An Introduction to Music NFTs. At their core Music NFTs are digital collectables often in the form of collectable audio files which allow for a greater connection between artists and their fans. But why are we so interested? Click to find out.
  • ? Polygon Puts Money Where Their Mouth Is. Polygon has just raised $450 million in private investor capital. Click to find out the full details.
  • ⚡ Lightning StrikesThe lightning network is a phrase that has been thrown about a lot in recent years. But what are the latest updates? Click to find out. 

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  • ? Are We Out Of The Woods? We have your weekly Technical Analysis with Bitcoin and one altcoin we think you should keep an eye on. Click to find out which one.
  • ? In For A NF-TreatWith NFT prices soaring, some are finally understanding the fascination and near-obsession with an ape JPEG. There are others such as the U.S government who are more worried about money laundering. Click to find out more.
  • ? Smooth Love Is In The Air. Axe Infinity was perhaps the first major pioneer in the blockchain gaming genre. However, Axie’s native token has seen lacklustre performance as of late. Click to find out why.

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