🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Feb. 28

Market Meditations | March 5, 2022

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  • ? Did You Zoom Out? We have some very in-depth technical analysis of bitcoin for you today. Click to find out all the details.
  • ⛱️ A Different Kind of AlphaBoasting more than 2 million users, The Sandbox, a division of Animoca brands, opened Alpha season 2 yesterday. Click to find out all the updates.
  • ⚖️ The Crackdown on CryptoThe IRS is cracking down on crypto taxes. Click to find out the mistakes you should avoid.

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  • ⚖️ As Good As GoldGold and Bitcoin have shared a narrative since BTC’s popularity began to trend upward back in 2016. Some say the world’s largest cryptocurrency is digital gold, while others view it as a risk asset. Click to find out who’s right.
  • ? You Qualified For An Air-Not. Ukraine has now received over $40 million in cryptocurrency donations since the country first tweeted on February 26th. Click to find out what happened next.
  • ? Like A Rolling NFT. Sony and Universal are usually competing, but this time they have teamed up! In the midst of the conflicts ensuing in Europe, NFTs just took a huge step forward for the music industry. Click to find what they’re up to.

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  • ? Identifying Hot Tokens – 101. We’ve had a three-part series on how to find the hottest of tokens using Nansen. Now we’ve compiled those into one manageable overview. Click to find out more.
  • ? Dollar Warfare. The dollar rose to a two-year high recently as the Russian Ruble crashed. Click to find out how this affects your crypto.
  • ? Collateralized Loans Get Punked. A few short years ago, if you had told anyone that you were going to collateralize a loan with an NFT, they would have laughed you out of town. But as the saying goes, times are changing. Click to find out how.

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  • ? Balancing Act. Increasingly, we see people losing faith in traditional monetary systems. This has only been heightened by the current Ukraine-Russia conflict where we are seeing an upsurge in demand for stablecoins. But what are stablecoins and should you invest in them? Click to find out.
  • ? eBay’s Second Push. Not long after the world’s first Bitcoin ATM went into operation in Canada in October 2013, eBay announced it was considering accepting Bitcoin as payment. Click to find out the full scoop.
  • ? Ukrainians Turn To CryptoOn February 24th the National Bank of Ukraine announced that as a result of martial law they would impose temporary monetary restrictions. Click to find out how this affects crypto. 

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  •  ?? Technically and Fundamentally We have one coin we think you should be looking at today. With macrostructure, Fibonacci levels and highest probability bets you don’t want to miss this! Click to find out more.
  • ⚔️ Russia, Ukraine & BitcoinCryptocurrency has featured heavily in the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict. Click to find out how.
  • ? Pixelmon Bust? NFT projects are still booming. When this is happening, we ought to be on the lookout for projects trying to make a quick buck. Pixelmon is being accused of just that. Click to find out why.

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