🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Jan.10

Market Meditations | January 15, 2022

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  • ? Technical, Special, Essential. This week we have not one, not two, but four coins we’ve done technical analysis for! Click here to see our plays. 

  • ? 2nd Life for Second Life? An early 2000’s game that featured a lot of the elements we now see in the metaverse, has started to come back into the limelight. Click to find out why.

  •  ? ESG Chopping Block. As though inflation reports weren’t enough to scare the crypto market, it looks like bitcoin is back on the ESG chopping block. Click to find out why. 



  • ? Fantom of the Crypto Opera. Looking at alternative layer ones? We’ve got a full analysis of one we think you should look at. Click to read more.

  • ⚖ Crypto Versus the World. NGRAVE, a crypto hardware wallet company, recently wrote an article that compared how big crypto is to other global assets. Click to find out our summary.

  • ⛑️ TaxBit to the Rescue. Even if you have been keeping a detailed trading journal all year long, filing taxes can still be a daunting task for a crypto trader. Luckily Taxabit is there to help. Click to find out how they can help you.


  • ? Economics 101: Federal Reserve, Inflation & Crypto. Do you know what the Federal Reserve does? Or how inflation works?  This guide has you covered. Click to find out more.

  • ? Not Nice To SEC You! The SEC has just fined the trading platform tZERO for allegedly failing to properly declare information. But how much do they owe? Click to test your skills.

  • ? On the Flip Site. Product. Competitor. Aggregator. It’s a familiar process, whether in crypto or other business. We’ve seen aggregators for exchanges, insurance and now…NFTs. Click to find out more.


  • ? BTC & An Altcoin Mystery. BTC tells you how the market overall is doing. But we have a mystery altcoin that’s doing well in spite of that! Click to find out what.

  • ? PayPal Stabilizes Plans on New Coin. Stablecoins offer a unique combination of security and opportunity. And now Paypal is getting into the game. Click to find out how.

  • ? Disney’s Metaverse. Disney does not let many opportunities slide. Now they’re getting into the Metaverse. Click to find out their plan.  

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