🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Jan.24

Market Meditations | January 29, 2022

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  • ? What’s Chain-ged? Yesterday marked the conclusion of the hotly anticipated January Federal Reserve Meetings. Click to find out the full summary.

  • ❓Regulation Remains Cryptic. Cryptocurrency is at the forefront of the regulatory conversation in Washington. And the Biden Administration has taken a new approach. Click to find out what.


  • ? Bear Down On DeFi. DeFi offers more than just yield farming opportunities. Lending, borrowing, arbitrage, exchanges: they all fall under the purview of decentralised finance. So how much do most investors value these options? Click to find out 

  • ? Meta Out of the Stablecoin Game. A source recently told the Wall Street Journal that Meta is selling their stablecoin technology. Click to find out why. 

  • ? Can the Growth in DeFi Continue? In the last two years, the growth in DeFi has surged but is this sustainable? Click to find out our take.


  • ? Bored Elite Yacht Club? If you watched The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night may have fallen off their chair, when the host and Paris Hilton started promoting their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs to a rather confused audience. Here’s the lowdown on their new collection.

  • ? Ethereum: Still the Top Smart Contact Platform? We use on-chain analysis to see if ETH is still at the top. Click to find out more.

  • ? The No-Limit Heist. Plenty of people are saying that cross-chain is the future of crypto. But Vitalik Buterin disagrees. Click to find out why.


  • ? Who Let the Bears Out? The article you need right now. 3 tips to handle the bear market. Click to find out more.

  • ? Hacked Off. About 30 crypto-related YouTube accounts were hacked on Sunday, including IvanOnTech and BitboyCrypto. But how did this happen? Click to find out more. 

  • ? Fantom on the rise? Fantom is fast becoming one of the best cheap layer one alternatives. And has even become the third-largest DeFi ecosystem by total value locked. Click to find out more.


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