🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Mar. 07

Market Meditations | March 12, 2022

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  • ? BTC Causing Waves? Here we have Bitcoin technical analysis with one other altcoin we think you should be keeping an eye on  Click to find out more. 
  • ? I’m Still Here! Polygon (MATIC) is a layer 2 blockchain offering scaling and infrastructure solutions to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) dApps. Their price has been fluctuating but there are some very interesting things happening on their blockchain at the moment. Click to find out what.
  • ?‍♂️ DOL Says No to Crypto. Yesterday, the Department of Labor released a notice that they would be launching a program aimed at investigating retirement plans which offer crypto. Click to find out why. 

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  • ⚓ Terra Refuses To Be Anchored. Here we take a look at the anchor protocol on Terra. Click to see the full report.
  • ? Bidens Executive Order. A few days ago we hinted that further regulation of digital assets is on its way. The Executive Order has arrived with 10 key sections outlined. Click to find out all you need to know. 
  • ? Adobe levelling up! Adobe’s social network, Behance, is adding support so that users can easily showcase their Polygon-based NFTs. Click to find out more. 

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  • ? Breaking down the NFT market: Social NFTsThe NFT market can be almost impossible to keep track of. There are a huge number of projects, all with seemingly different value drivers. So how can we break down the NFT market to better inform our trading decisions? Click to find out more.
  • ? Holy Grain. Here we go a-grain. Commodities and crypto tokens are in the news again with Santander Argentina announcing a partnership with a startup called Agrotoken. Click to see us sort the wheat from the chaff. 
  • ?‍? Blockchain As A ServiceThe Avalanche Foundation has an incentive program to stimulate development on Avalanche. It’s called Avalanche Multiverse and will be funded by 4 million AVAX tokens. Click to find out more.

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  • ? Music NFTs Part 2. The second part of our introduction to music NFTs. Here we get into how you can interact with them and the steps you need to take. Click to read our full guide.
  • ?️ Just Enough Space. February saw VCs tighten their belts with total investment dropping below $10 billion for the first time since May’s crash last year. One project that has managed to raise recently though is Space Runners. Click to find out why.
  • ? Further Regulation Expected From The White House. According to Reuters, U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order this week. But what is in this order and how will it affect crypto? Click to find out. 

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  •  ⚜️ Is It Still Fool’s Gold? For our technical analysis, we have BTC, a special altcoin and one other chart you may not expect. Click to find out more.
  • ?Vanishing ActAndre Cronje, one of DeFi’s most prolific developers, has bid adieu to the world of cryptocurrency. But why did he leave? Click to find out. 
  • ✋ Visa and Mastercard Suspend Transactions in Russia. On Saturday, Visa and Mastercard joined Paypal in suspending their Russian operations. But how will this affect crypto? Click to find out.

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