🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Mar. 15

Market Meditations | March 20, 2021

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  • Diving Deeper into Grayscale Coins. This week, Grayscale Investments (the world’s largest digital asset manager) announced that they are digging into the world of DeFi, with 5 new trust offerings (LINK, FIL, LPT, BAT and MANA). Friday’s letter provides a high time frame technical analysis on these coins. 

  • Ether Lottery Ticket. Analysis of 1,644 call options contracts on Ether, with a strike price of $25k and an expiration date of Dec.31

  • Harnessing the Power of Compound Interest. Masterclass on what compound interest is and how we can be the ones to earn it. 


  • F.U. Money. 3 steps to start earning F.U. Money: any amount of money allowing the infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone. 

  • Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets. Overview of why Bank of America is bearish on bitcoin but bullish on DeFi. 

  • Visa Partners with Crypto.com. On Thursday, Crypto.com announced a partnership with Visa. Remind yourself how you can use Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) through the Crypto.com app.


  • Crypto Whale Watching. Deep dive into how crypto whales trade and how you can best leverage this information as a retail investor. 

  • Grayscale Unveils New Crypto Trusts. 3 of the funds will invest individually in the cryptocurrencies Chainlink (LINK), Filecoin (FIL) and Livepeer (LPT), One will hold Basic Attention tokens (BAT) that run on the Ethereum network. The last one will invest in coins of the virtual-reality world known as Decentraland (MANA). Find out more about the fundamentals of the coins.

  • Why You Need to Automate Your Finances. Automation removes psychology from the equation and guarantees that you consistently stick to your financial plan. 


  • Trade Your Way To Freedom. Overview of personal fitting, risk/reward and exit strategy. The foundations of a trading strategy. 

  • India Crypto Ban. The proposed bill is one of the strictest. It would make it illegal to hold, issue, mine, trade, or transfer all cryptocurrency, giving Indians up to 6 months to dispose of their current crypto before being penalised. 

  • BlockFi Raises $350 Million. BlockFi, a U.S. based company that offers users an opportunity to earn up to 8.6% APY on their crypto holdings as well as other lending and trading products, just announced that they have raised $350 million at a $3 billion valuation. 


  • Look Out: It’s Scammer Season. A wallet app “Trezor” was uploaded to the Apple App Store and made available to download for iPhone users. Turns out that the app was not at all associated with the authentic hardware wallet company “Trezor,” but rather launched as a phishing scam to access seed-phrases and private keys of users. Find out what traders and investors should be aware of in order to make sure they protect their profits from scammers.

  • The Coinbase Premium. Understand what the coinbase premium is and how it helps show when there is strong buying pressure from institutional investors.

  • Crypto in the NBA? According to the Miami Herald crypto exchange FTX is reportedly close to signing a deal to sponsor the American Airlines arena, the official stadium of the Miami Heat, a professional basketball team.

  • Avoid These Common Money Mistakes. Poor financial habits can wreak havoc. 


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