🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Mar. 20

Market Meditations | March 26, 2022

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  • ? Cardano’s Back in Town. Here we have 3 coins we’re keeping an eye on this week. Macro structure, key resistance and support levels and more. Click to find out our plays.
  • ⚓ Anchor’s New Variable. Anchor is a protocol in the Terra-Luna ecosystem that describes itself as a crypto savings account. Click to find out how to use it.
  • ?️ DeFi Under the International Eye. Decentralized Finance’s rapid growth first garnered retail investors’ attention. Then institutions began taking notice. Now it’s popping up on the radar all over the world. Click to find out more.

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  • ⚡ Synthetic Swaps. The price of RUNE, the native DEX token of THORChain, has appreciated over 40% following its launch of synthetic trading assets on March 9th. Click to find our guide on their new app THORSwap.
  • ? $CASH GrabThere has been another hack, this time on the CashioApp. Click to find out how to keep your cash safe.
  • ?? Thailand Bans Crypto as a Means of Payment. Thailand Security and Exchange Commission had banned crypto as a means of payment. Click to find out more.

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  • ? Breaking down the NFT market: Art NFTs.  Navigating the NFT market is tricky at the best of times. Click to read our breakdown to help guide you.
  • ⚔️ King Arthur SworeEven the guys with the big bucks get tricked sometimes. The latest victim of a crypto hack was DeFiance Capital founder and Zhu Su’s mate Arthur 0x. Click to find out what happened.
  • ? Is Grayscale Over Ethereum? On Tuesday, Grayscale hinted at news, telling their followers to check back in the morning for an important announcement. Click to find out what was said.

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  • ? Who Let the Apes Out? Last week an airdrop tied to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem went live with ApeCoin ($APE). Click to find out how you can do it too. 
  • ? The Next WaveThe number of data bytes in the world growing at an exponential rate, doubling every couple of years. And with that growth, will the stranglehold of big data companies tighten as we sail towards an unavoidable dystopian future? Not if DeFi has something to say about it… Click to find out more.
  • ? Regulation News From The Land Down Under Australian Senator Andrew Bragg has proposed a regulatory framework for the crypto industry at Blockchain Week 2022 which he hopes will show Australia’s willingness to play a more prominent role. Click for your easy to read synopsis.


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