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Market Meditations | April 3, 2021

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  • What Just Happened. We saw explosive price action on Friday. This paves the way for serious profit opportunities and high probability plays. To that end, we share our Ethereum technical and fundamental analysis. For our premium community, we share two exchange tokens we are keeping a close eye on. 

  • Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits Record High. We explore mining difficulty, hashrates and miner’s revenues. 

  • How to Think Like Aristotle and Elon Musk. First principle thinking is the act of breaking down our thoughts to their roots, challenging these roots and then rebuilding our thinking back-up from scratch. Learn how to apply this to your trading and investing. 


  • 4 Trading Dangers. The best technical and/or fundamental knowledge is nothing without the self understanding to match it. We draw your attention to 4 trading dangers that, if we do not address, will destroy our trading and investing returns. Any guesses what these are?

  • Dogecoin on the moon…Literally. We look at the causes that led $DOGE to rip upwards 30% in a single candle. We go on to explain 3 things to consider when trading momentum.

  • Filecoin Replaces Litecoin As 9th Largest Crypto. We discover why and how decentralised storage network Fliecoin’s FIL token has entered the list of top 10 coins on the back of increased institutional demand. 


  • Uniswap v3 and Liquidity Providers. At the heart of the recent Uniswap v3 upgrade is the mechanism known as concentrated liquidity, the ability for liquidity providers to make markets and allocate capital with customized and granular price ranges. We unpack all those terms for you and review the benefits and risks of the upgrade. Showing you how you can utilise the information to profit. 

  • Dapper Labs, Creators of NBA Top Shot, Get $305m Funding. We provide detail on the headlines and a recap of how to invest in digital collectibles.

  • Altcoin Reveal. On Tuesday’s Youtube episode we shared our Top 3 Altcoin picks for April 2021 and promised to share our last one on Wednesday. Click on the link to check it out. 

  • Coinshares CEO Calls for ‘Multi-Decade Supercycle’. We unpack the headline and explain what a supercycle is through the Gartner Hype Cycle.


  • Skin in the Game. Understanding this concept can determine your success as a trader and investor. And yet, so few people do. This article makes sure all Market Meditators are comfortable with this concept and are able to start applying it.  

  • Paypal Launches Crypto Checkout. Paypal announced that U.S. customers can use crypto holdings to purchase goods and services from its 29 million merchants globally. Here’s our take on the implications for the community. 

  • Tether Assurance Report. An independent audit and consulting firm, has confirmed that Tether’s stablecoins ($USDT) are indeed fully backed. Put simply, Tether actually has enough reserve USD to cover the $USDT issued. We also cover passive income on stablecoins.


  • Crypto Cycle Guide. Understanding crypto cycles is an essential skill that many new traders struggle with. After 4 years, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on. This article will help you understand where money flows in crypto and how to use the information to profit. 

  • Bitcoin and ‘Dirty Energy’. According to the Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, the U.S. should address the environmental problems of Bitcoin mining by providing its clean energy to set up mining hubs. We provide an overview of his plans. 

  • VISA Completes First Crypto Transaction on Ethereum. Visa announced that it will allow the use of the USD Coin (USDC) cryptocurrency to settle transactions on its payments network. We discuss the implications. 

  • Don’t Forget the Failures: Survivorship Bias. An analysis of the logical error of paying attention only to successes but ignoring failures. Applied to some common examples in the world of business, finance and investing. 


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