🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of May. 30

Market Meditations | June 4, 2022

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  • ?‍♀️ The Trend is Your Friend. Ethereum has been looking down for a while now. But could that change in the coming weeks? Click to find out more.
  • ? Straight Outta Comptroller. The aftermath of Terra’s crash continues to resonate throughout the cryptocurrency world. As feared, some regulators and officials are framing it as a cautionary tale. Click to find out more.
  • ⚖️ BUSTEDThe NFT market exploded in 2021 when OpenSea rose to fame. Being the most popular NFT platform has its perks, but also comes with a lot of scrutiny and attention. Their former head of product, Nathaniel Chastain, found this out the hard way. Click to find out what he was charged for.

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  • ? What’s At Stake? Did you know crypto networks are ready and willing to compensate users for locking up their funds? With the market being so volatile could staking be the best way to earn returns? Click to find out more. 
  • ? Solana Halted AgainSolana has had a power outage… again… Click to find out more.
  • ? Where In The World Is Waldo Ryoshi? SHIB was created in 2020 and initially touted as the DogeCoin killer on Ethereum. Now Ryoshi, the anonymous founder, has recently gone missing in action. Click to find out more.

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  • ? A Fresh Harvest. Yield farming can appear quite daunting at first. Yet if you know some key information, it can simplify the whole process. Click for our full guide.
  • ? Optimism’s Less Than Optimistic AirdropOptimism is a layer 2 network and for months, the crypto community has anticipated an airdrop for users of the network. Unfortunately, the airdrop didn’t live up to the hype. Click to find out why.
  • ? Terra in Trouble Again It’s going to take some time for Terra to be out of the news. But now they’ve released Terra 2.0! So all is well – or is it? Click here to find out the bad news for Terra.

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  • ? Chronicles of the Luna Eclipse. There have been a lot of details continuing to develop for the LUNA ecosystem. With Luna 2.0 being airdropped to those still in the LUNA ecosystem. Click for more information.
  • ➗Is It a Sign? Elon Musk has the kind of Twitter following that can move markets. Did he just give us a secret signal that the market was due for a turnaround? Some crypto enthusiasts think (or hope) so. Click for more information.
  • ?️ Mirror, Mirror. There’s never a time to relax your guard in crypto. Hacks and exploits continue to roll in, no matter what the market looks like. Click to find out if your capital is safe.

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  •  ? Story of a CrabBitcoin is looking rangebound at the moment. But do we predict any future breakouts? Click to find out more.
  • ? Luna 2.0 a Bust?  Last week when Terra backers voted to revive Luna, holders were excited about the opportunity to get some of their money back. After launch, Luna 2.0’s price tanked. Click to find out what happened. 
  • ? Bear Market Unlike Bear Stearns Moment Another weekend, another moon trip cancelled. Yet some regulators and senators remain steadfast in their belief that the industry is here to stay. Click to find out more.

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