🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of May. 31

Market Meditations | June 5, 2021

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Another choppy week for crypto, some sideways consolidation and a few bearish structures are thrown in there.

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  • Bitcoin Stuck In A Cycle. A series of positive fundamentals and institutional buying drive us up to that $40k resistance level, only for a few bad headlines to take us back to the low to mid $30k regions. Euphoria creeps in when we near the $40k level and bearish sentiment when we creep back down again. We seem stuck in this loop. At least for now. Read more.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum News and Analysis. This article has entries, potential plays and analysis. Follow them carefully. It’s important.

  • Bayes Theorem: Accounting for New Information. In our personal finance section we explain Bayes Theorem and how you can apply it. Complex mathematics made simple. Click to find out more.  

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  • Passive Strategies Part 2: Passive Portfolio Management. Don’t trade. Learn to invest first. This guide breaks down the core principles of investing and Portfolio Management. Few will listen. But they will outperform most traders. In this article we cover: Diversification 101, Lifecycle Guides and the 5 Core Principles of Portfolio Management. In these current market conditions, this type of content is more important than ever. Please read.

  • Breakout or Fakeout. Having been range-bound the last few days, BTC is looking higher and is creeping closer to the $40k resistance level. Some analysts speak of a breakout, others remain cautious. Learn more.

  • Which Company Was it? Cardano has just announced that it will make the first cross-chain bridge with another company. Can you guess which? Answer in article.

  • DOGE/USD. TA for DOGE including support, resistance, significant levels and moving averages are all covered here. This is a tricky coin and we provide clarity.

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  • How He Made $2,000,000 in 1 Day. If you’re an active member of the crypto community, then Crypto Kaleo needs no introduction. He’s truly taken the bull market by the horns, posting daily 7 figure trading profits as well as big losses. His story is one many of us will relate to and many will learn from. Want to see more of his journey? Check out the article.

  • On-Chain Analytics: Introducing Dormancy. The charts have been a battleground. The market is coming to terms with the dramatic sell-off last week and we remain range bound between key levels. To help navigate these conditions, we introduce our readers to Dormancy and how to interpret it. The more you learn, the more you stand to profit.

  • Improving Your Sleep: Part 2. The next 6 steps we suggest for improving your sleep. Sleep impacts every part of your life, including your ability to trade and invest. Do not neglect it. Our article also includes our favourite books on the subject.

  • Back To The Doge Days? On Tuesday, Coinbase announced it is adding the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin to its professional trading platform. Why and what does it mean? Read and learn.

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  • Passive Strategies Part 1: Passive Portfolio Management We’ve all felt the strain of active trading this week. But does it need to be this way? There is a wealth of literature that advocates passive income strategies. Their voice is dulled out during a parabolic bull market but in times like this, it’s worth taking another look and considering all our options when it comes to building wealth. This article makes the case for passive investing and profits. Can we persuade you?

  • CBDCs on Ethereum According to news sources, the former head of the digital currency initiative at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) said central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are set to become more “smart” and could one day operate on blockchain networks like Ethereum. Find out more about this hot narrative.

  • Adoption or No Option. The Economist and crypto.com recently published a report: Digimentality 2021 – Digital currency from fear to inflection. According to this report, what is the main barrier to adoption of open-source cryptocurrencies? The answer may surprise you.


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