🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Nov. 22

Market Meditations | November 27, 2021

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  • ✅ Remember, There’s no COVID in the Metaverse. Why is the market so red today? Check out our technical analysis to see why.

  • ? Putting Up with Calls. Approximately 51,900 crypto options contracts worth almost $3 billion are set for expiry today. But what does this mean for derivatives? Click to find out more. 

  • ? Intergalactic Crypto Wars. Sidus Heroes, developed by NFT Stars, initially launched as a collection of 6000 space-hero-themed NFTs on Ethereum. Why are we interested? Click to find out.


  • ? Gather Around, It’s Story Time. Over the last week, we asked members of our premium community to share their crypto stories; how they took control of their financial destinies and paved their own success and riches. Click to see their stories.

  • ? Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Many people cite Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad as their introduction to their financial education. But do you know which tip Kiyosaki mentions in his book? Click to test your skills.

  • ?No Black Friday Deals on These NFTs! With crypto prices still fluctuating, once again we have NFTs making headlines in the form of virtual real estate. Click to find out all the key details 


  • ?‍♂️ Acala Wins Relay Race. In Sanskrit it means “the immovable one”, and so it proved to be for Acala, as it secured the winning spot in the first Polkadot parachain auction. But how exactly did Acala get here? Click to find out.

  • Tracking Whales 101. Interested in seeing what the whales are doing in crypto? Use this guide to help you track them through smart money. Click to find out more.

  • ? Whistle While You Work In Crypto. If you happen to be looking for a 9-5, then you couldn’t ask for a better time for opportunities. Click to find out who’s hiring.


  • ▶ Gaming the System Games on blockchains like Ethereum (Illuvium) and Solana (Star Atlas) have snagged some high-profile coverage lately. But isn’t it time we gave Binance Smart Chain some attention? Click to check out their gaming world.

  • ? Share The Royal-ties. Royal, the NFT music tokenization platform launched by DJ and entrepreneur Justin “3LAU” Blau, has just closed a series A funding round. But do you know how much they raised? Click to test your knowledge.

  • ? All’s Well Fed. On Monday, President Biden renominated Jerome Powell to be the Federal Reserve Chair for the next four years. But what is the Fed Chair and what could the impact on crypto be? Click to see our summary.


  •  ? BTCity. El Salvador is building a city entirely based on Bitcoin? Click to find out the full story.

  • ? A Day For Alternates. Here we have your dose of technical analysis for two altcoins we think you should keep your eye on. Click to see our strategies.

  • ?China Cracking Down On Mining Holdouts Back in June, China imposed a ban on crypto mining. Yet the government still believes crypto-related businesses are still operating and they are vowing to close all loopholes! But how will they do this? Click to find out?

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