🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Oct.11

Market Meditations | October 16, 2021

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  • ?T.G.I.M. In a shocking turn of events, people may be saying “Thank goodness it’s Monday” as next Monday the SEC may finally relent on allowing BTC futures ETFs. Click to find out all the key details.

  • ?Let’s Get Technical. 3 coins we think you should be watching. We have entries, exits, plays, key levels and much more in today’s instalment. Click to find out more. 

  • ?️Coinbase Pushes Back. Coinbase received a cease and desist letter from the SEC regarding its new project Coinbase Lend. A platform that would have been a high-interest savings account. But why did they receive this given that there are many other platforms that offer the same type of account? Click to find out.


  • ?Tools of the Trade. Traditional Finance has gotten a lot wrong over the years. But, they also got a lot right. Click to see how to take advantage of their tools. 

  • ❌Two Truths and A Lie. Can you spot the lie in these Bitcoin facts? Test yourself here.

  • ?Visa Getting Into the NFT Game. With NFTs continuing to rise, everyone is wanting a piece. Even Visa has announced that they would be making a program to support digital artists. Click to take a look at what they’ve launched.


  • ? Worm Your Way In. The Wormhole protocol announced yesterday that they had started to support Binance Smart Chain (BSC), in addition to the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems. But what is Wormhole and why do these popular blockchains want to be involved? Click to find out. 

  • ? DeFi: Finding the Best Yield Outside of Ethereum. It has become increasingly expensive to earn yields with Ethereum in DeFi, but how can you actually find other opportunities  to make high yields? This article has you covered. Click to find out more. 

  • ?Will NFTs Go To The Moon? As everyone prepares for an explosive 4th quarter for bitcoin, what will happen to the NFT market? Click to find out why we are bullish on NFTs.


  • ? A New Sheriff in Town? Having lots of different wallets can be a headache. Often slow, difficult to connect to applications and very tricky to automate (if it can be done at all). Just when all hope seems lost, it appears there’s a new sheriff in town. Click to find out more.

  • ? Small Account Trading. How familiar are you with the pros of using a small account to trade? Test your skills out here.

  • ? Riding A Cycle. Crypto does appear to be a cycle that repeats over and over again. Now whilst it’s not an exact science, there are some interesting metrics you can keep an eye on to help track the cycle. Click to find out more. 


  •  ? Two Sides to Every Bitcoin. There have been some bumps along the road to adoption in El Salvador. With protests and even the burning of the Bitcoin ATM’s. But what are the key things you need to know. Click to find out.

  • ? Sit Back & Relax: Crypto Cycles & Altcoin Trading Strategies. Here we have our dose of Technical analysis, we have BTC, ETH, SOL and one other altcoin covered today. Key exits, entries, plays, and key levels are covered in today’s instalment. Click here to not miss out.

  • ✅ Crypto-inspired ETF Approved. Crypto has been making headway in traditional markets so much so that the SEC has just approved Volt’s Equity Crypto Stock ETF. Click to find out all you need to know 

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