🧘‍♂️Recap: Crypto Week of Oct.25

Market Meditations | October 30, 2021

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  • ? A Brand-New Facebook. In a play to be the messiah of the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg announced today at the Connect 2021 Conference that Facebook is to be rebranded with a new name and a renewed focus on taking the evolution of the internet by storm. Click to find out more.

  • ? Ready, Set, Research. If making millions were easy, everyone would be financially secure. Crypto is no different. If you’re serious about uncovering hidden gems, there are a couple of critical steps that should never be overlooked. Click to do your due diligence.

  • ?Stake Your Bets. Can you work out which of the statements in this quiz is NOT a risk and/or downside of staking your crypto?


  • ? Dumps, Pumps & Dog Wars. We have BTC, ETH, SHIB and FTM. Key levels, plays, entries exits and much more in this instalment of technical analysis. Click to find out more. 

  • ? What Is Market Sentiment? Can you identify Which of these statements in this puzzle correctly defines market sentiment? Click to test your skills. 

  • ?The Happiest NFTs on Earth. Recently, Veve announced that Disney will now offer NFTs. Click to find out why you should be paying attention to this.  


  • ? On the List. Coinlist has just secured $100 million in new funding after a new valuation of $1.5 billion. Let’s dig in

  • ? Nansen DeFi Tutorial: Identifying Hot Narratives. A step by step guide for how to identify hit narratives in the DeFi space. Click to find out more.

  • ? Perfect Harmony? Harmony (ONE) has received a lot of attention over the last few days. Concluding the most recent leg of its uptrend yesterday with an all-time high, ONE has drawn speculative curiosity in a big way. Click to find out why.


  • ? Packed Market. Thought about buying an NFT but don’t know where to start? With thousands of projects across dozens of marketplaces. While we can’t tell you what to buy, we can prompt an initial question that will impact where you might go to transact. Click to find out more.

  • ? The Ostrich Effect. Do you know what ‘The Ostrich Effect‘ is? Test your skills to see if you can spot which statement in this quiz is the correct definition.

  • ? Out of This World. Axie has just been knocked out of the top spot for Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and transactions! But who is this newcomer? Click to find out more.


  • ?️ Worldcoin is in the EYE of the Beholder. With so many new crypto projects out there it can seem it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Worldcoin certainly does just that. Why? Because they are giving free access to airdrops in return for a scan of your retina! Click for the full story.

  • ? A Chart Tells A Thousand Words. Here is your dose of technical analysis. We have 4 coins we think you should be paying attention to. Key levels, entries, exits, potential strategies and so much more. Click to see our strategy.

  • ?Dog Days of….Autumn? With a relatively slow weekend for Bitcoin, it seems time for other altcoins to make their moves. But which coin has reached all-time highs over the weekend? Click to find out.

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