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Market Meditations | September 11, 2021

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  • ?️‍♀️ Pay Attention to Serum. Serum is a decentralised exchange (DEX) founded in 2020 known for unparalleled speed, scalability and inexpensive transaction fees. This article covers 4 reasons why Serum is a viable DEX. Click to find out more.

  • ?? Coinbaseless Accusations. Coinbase has recently announced a new high-yield USDC lending product, Coinbase Lend. However this week the SEC informed Coinbase that it would be classified as a security, and they would be sued if they moved forward with the launch. But what has Coinbase done to deal with this issue? Click to find out.

  • ? Curry With the Assist. The list of Celebrity crypto fans has become pretty long and is about to become even longer. Steph Curry, a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, has expressed his enthusiasm for crypto too. But why is Curry bullish on crypto? Click to find out.


  • ? The Technicals. 5 coins we think you should be watching. We have entries, exits, plays, key levels and much more in today’s installment. Click to find out more. 

  • ? Charity Loot Parody. Do you know how much a Loot parody project raised for charity? Click to find out.

  • ?? Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin. Ukraine has just passed a bill that legalizes BTC. This begs the question: Can bitcoin be… illegal? Click to find out.


  • ? El Save Bitcoin. El Salvador has just adopted BTC as a legal currency. But what are the key takeaways, and what has the government done to incentivise residents to use the  new legal currency. Click to find out

  • ☄️ You, Me & Finding The Best NFTs. NFT’s are everywhere right now, but how do you find the best ones? This guide has you covered. Click to find out more.

  • ? Crypto Panamánia. A new crypto regulation bill has been released in Panama. But what is it and why should you be interested. Click to find out.


  • ⬛️ I Present To You… This Black Box. A new project called LOOT is taking the NFT gaming world by storm. Click to find out why and how to get involved.

  • ? Bitfinex is Where? Do you know in which country Bitfinex is regulating a security token platform? Click to see if you’re right. 

  • ? House of Cards-ano? Smart contract functionality was announced on the Cardano blockchain last week. However has faced criticism for being “impractically slow”. Click for our key takeaways and how it affects you.


  • ? Today’s Technicals. Today we have our top three altcoins we are watching with key levels, strategies, entries and exits. Don’t miss out.

  • ? Bark at the Moon. Doge is springing back into popularity, and a recent NFT of Doge was fractionalised. But what does that mean and how does it affect you? Click to find out.

  • ⚽️ NFL Missing Chance To Score Big. Many sports are taking advantage of the NFT trend to make big money. All except the NFL… But what are they missing out on and can they pull it back? Click to find out. 

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