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Market Meditations | September 18, 2021

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  • ? Technically Speaking… Here we have all the weekly TA you could possibly need. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and one special Altcoin. Click to find out our play.

  • ?The Audius-ity! Everywhere you look, blockchain technology seems to be changing the game. And now this company is coming for the music industry too. Click to find out more.

  • ✨ Do You Believe In Magic? If you have been hanging around in crypto for even a short time, you have probably noticed that everyone loves a good meme. And this meme-based project has garnered a lot of attention recently. Click to find out why.


  • ?A Long Time Ago In An AlgoRand Far, Far Away.. Algrorand ($ALGO) has pumped 520% vs. the 1 year and just recently, we heard news that SkyBridge has raised $100 million for an Algorand Fund! So, what is $ALGO and what’s the big deal? Click to find out.

  • ? Do You Understand Bitcoin? Do you know what money problem Bitcoin solves? Click to test your blockchain knowledge.

  • ? Inside Scoop on Insider Trading . An OpenSea executive was recently accused of insider trading. But what are our key takeaways from this? And how does it affect you. Click to find out.


  • ? Search For The Sol-Ution. Solana wasn’t operational yesterday. But what on earth happened? And will it happen again? Click to find out our take. 

  • ? Following the Smart Money. NFTs are one of the hottest narratives in the space right now. We can struggle to keep up with all the opportunities at play. Thats where today’s article on Nansen can help you. Click to find out more. 

  • ? Go With The Flow. Google announced this week that they are partnering with Dapper Labs. But who are Dapper Labs and why are Google getting involved? Click to find out.


  • ? Dead Man’s Switch. What would happen to your crypto after you die? It’s a morbid but necessary question. Do you know? Click to find out more.

  • ⚡Lightning Attack. According to this Coindesk report, which one of these is not an Attack Vector listed as a vulnerability for the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

  • ⛽ Set-Up Shop. On Monday we mentioned the fake news that Walmart has started accepting LTC payments. Were you duped by this headline along with many others? Then click to find out how you can avoid believing fake news.


  •  ? Fake News and Real Levels. To bring us all back from the fake news that Walmart has begun taking LTC payments we have some real technical analysis and key levels. Click to find out more.

  • ?? South Korean Crypto Exchange Closures. With regulations tightening, South Korean Exchanges are starting to feel the pinch. But which ones will survive, and what could this mean for the future. Click to find out our take.

  • ?‍ J.R.R Token. EGold (EGLD), Elrond’s native token, soared atop the wings of a giant eagle to a new all-time high yesterday. But what exactly is Elrond? Click to find out.

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