Smooth Love Is In The Air

Market Meditations | February 7, 2022

Axe Infinity was perhaps the first major pioneer in the blockchain gaming genre. However, Axie’s native token has seen lacklustre performance as of late.

  • One of the main problems Axie has faced is the high rate of inflation of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axie’s in-game digital currency. With around 4x more SLP being created than burned, this problem has been growing for some time.
  • two-pronged approach to this problem is planning on being implemented: creating more burning mechanisms in the game as well as reducing issuance to restore balance to the in-game economy.
  • We believe that these economic changes will allow us to start righting the ship and getting the economy moving in the right direction,” said members of the Axie team.

The full list of upcoming changes can be found here, as season 20 is swiftly approaching. The announcement, published February 3rd, may be at least partially responsible for the roughly 60% increase in SLP’s price since news of the update first released.