🧘‍♂️Special Message From Koroush AK

Market Meditations | July 12, 2021

Dear Premium Meditator

Koroush AK here.

Market conditions have been tough. Here at Market Meditations, we’ve been working tirelessly to help you build wealth through several social media platforms. 

? What was missing was a tight knit community. This is where the private Market Meditations Discord comes in. An exclusive community for our premium subscribers, that comes with your membership at no additional cost.

? The premium community is the inner circle. 

?️‍♀️ As a premium member you’re part of the most intimate team experience provided across all Koroush AK and Team AK platforms. This includes:

  • ? An Invitation to Our Members Only Discord. This is a small, tight-knit community that gets exclusive insights, rewards and access to Koroush AK and Team AK. Please use this link to join the Discord. Features include: 

    • Private Conversations. With trading, investing and NFT experts. We are a community that goes out of our way to help each other. 

    • Cash Giveaways. Up to $1,000 monthly cash giveaways. 

    • Rewards. 121 calls with Koroush AK. 

    • Live Chills/Hangouts. Voice and video calls with Koroush AK and Team AK.

  • ? Podcast Early Access and Insights. Premium members also receive early access to all our podcasts. As well as our complete set of insights: breaking down the key messages and lessons we learn from each guest. Learn to trade like the best entrepreneurs, traders and investors in the world.

I write this email to formally invite you to join the Discord if you have not done so already. Link here. You have until the 30th July to participate in our current cash giveaway!

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into this small community that will navigate the crypto market challenges and opportunities.

The true power of the crypto markets is here, in the community.

Yours Sincerely,

Koroush AK