The Last Presidential Debate Before the Election #31

Market Meditations | October 23, 2020

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Today’s Meditations:

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    The Last Presidential Debate Before the Election

    Last night marked the last U.S. presidential debate before the election on 3rd November. The presidential and vice presidential debates had so far resembled more of a Netflix drama than a substantial conversation around policy. The ‘winner’ of the U.S. vice presidential debate seemed to be the fly that landed and sat on Pence’s head for 2 minutes. As for the previous presidential debate, one could hardly make out a word that was being said amongst the interruption and chaos. 

    Last night’s debate was far better managed. Thanks to the mic muting policy being upheld and enforced, the presidential candidates did not interrupt each other and rather than take to petty remarks, the organised conversation meant the two men could lay out their closing arguments on almost every topic: the coronavirus, immigration and race relations. 

    Some highlights in the clip below, followed by commentary.