Tracking The Harmony Hacker

Market Meditations | June 28, 2022

As reported on June 26th, Horizon Bridge, a cross-chain bridge linked to the Harmony blockchain, was hacked for $100 million in ETH. According to reports by PeckShieldAlert on Twitter, the hacker responsible has begun laundering the stolen funds.

  • Etherscan shows that the hacker’s wallet has sent approximately 18,000 ETH ($22 million) to another wallet.
  • This transaction was split, with the hacker sending around 6,000 ETH to three different addresses.
  • According to Etherscan, the first two addresses have already successfully laundered the funds via Tornado Cash, which breaks up transactions to help the user stay anonymous.
  • At the time of writing, the third address has just begun laundering the funds in batches of 100 ETH ($122,000).
  • The Harmony Team tweeted an offer of a $1 million bounty for the return of $100 million in Ethereum stolen and offered to wave any criminal charges should the hacker accept.
  • The hacker’s wallet still holds around $60 million in ETH tokens and approximately $66,000 worth of other tokens stolen during the bridge exploit.

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