Where In The World Is Waldo Ryoshi?

Market Meditations | June 2, 2022

Shiba Inu or SHIB was created in 2020 and initially touted as the DogeCoin killer on Ethereum. SHIB amassed a huge following due to its low entry price and meme coin status. Ryoshi, the anonymous founder, has recently gone missing in action.

  • His last post was in May of 2021, in which he stated “I am not that important and one day I will be gone without notice. Take the Shiba and journey upward frens.
  • Just one year later, he has deleted all tweets and blogs, including the one that started it all, “all hail the Shiba.” His four Medium blogs about SHIB now take you to an error message.
  • His Twitter bio previously read “SHIB and LEASH founder. We do it for teh ppl” but is now empty. He has changed his profile pic to a picture of a famous Tibetan poet and his header pic to a half-moon sitting above the clouds.
  • The official Twitter account for SHIB has only addressed the absence of their founder by sharing this article in a tweet.
  • The founder urged the lead developer Shytoshi Kusama to focus on the ecosystem, which he plans to do, tweeting that the project will move forward.

SHIB calls itself an experiment in decentralized autonomous community‘ and often refers to followers as the SHIB Army. Although it is peculiar that the founder has deleted much of his social media, he did foretell of his upcoming departure and was not known to tweet or blog often. Perhaps the best way to gauge the success of a decentralized autonomous community would be to continue onward, with or without the founder’s presence and oversight.