Why Traders Predict Ethereum at $20K #70

Market Meditations | January 8, 2021

Allow us to explain what Raoul Pal’s bullish argument is based on. Then, through technical analysis, we will guide you through how to implement it into your trading portfolio.

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We hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. And by the weekend, I mean a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the crypto market ?

In that spirit, today we explore Raoul Pal’s bullish statements on Ethereum climbing $20k.

Allow us to explain what his argument is based on. Then, through technical analysis, we will guide you through how to implement it into your trading portfolio.

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The Real Reason Traders are Targeting $ETH at $20K

On the evening of 6 January, Raoul Pal published a bold and unapologetic Twitter thread suggesting that $ETH could climb to $20,000 during this cycle of the bull market. In another tweet, he even writes that $5K is “way too conservative.” 

Whether you’re a passionate investor in $ETH or have been considering adding it to a diversified portfolio, in this segment of Market Meditations we’ll unpack Raoul’s rationale and help you interpret it for your trading strategy.

Raoul Pal: Who is He and What Has He Been Saying

Pal proved his prowess in financial markets by co-heading hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs, co-managing the GLG macro hedge fund in London, and predicting the 2008 mortgage crisis

Crypto Twitter recently welcomed Pal into its community with its open wassie arms, and the legend of inversebrah.

In his Twitter thread, Pal posits that $ETH is at:

“The SAME point [as BTC] in its adoption cycle with the exact SAME price.” 

He supports his claim by invoking Metcalfe’s law and behavioral economic theory. Sounds fancy, but let’s break the concept down in simple terms.

Metcalfe’s What Now?

Metcalfe’s law suggests that the effect of a network is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in said network. In other words, as a network grows bigger it gains more value and as more people connect to that network the rate at which that network gains value gets faster. 

The network’s “users” in this case are represented by the number of active Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses.

  • The Ethereum network is valuable because people connect to it. 

  • When the number of active addresses increase, the value of the Ethereum network also increases. 

  • As more and more active addresses are added, the rate at which the Ethereum network gains value quickens. The same line of thought applies to Bitcoin. 

But how does this indicate a parabolic rise to $20K for $ETH you might ask?

Pal argues that Ethereum’s growth closely follows that of Bitcoin. 

His model demonstrates that the price structure of $ETH today looks identical to the price structure of $BTC in 2017 when $BTC has the same number of active addresses that $ETH has today

His thesis is rooted in the theory that whilst Bitcoin and Ethereum have different narratives (digital gold vs programmable money respectively), they both follow the same adoption and behavioral economic theory governed by Metcalfe’s law (as described above).

It’s important to note that other reputable figures disagree with Pal. 

John Pfeffer, former partner at private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Chairman of the Executive Board of leading French IT company Groupe Allium S.A, for example, does not buy the argument that Ethereum and Bitcoin have different narratives. Rather, Pfeffer claims that both try to replace digital gold, but Ethereum falls short. To be convinced by Pal’s findings ask yourself the following:

Do you accept that whilst Bitcoin and Ethereum have different narratives they are driven by the same human behavior? Do you believe that $ETH will continue to follow the $BTC price structure as Pal’s model demonstrates that it has to date in log and linear terms since 2017?

Applying Raoul Pal’s Theory to Your Trading

If you are convinced by Pal’s findings, you would increase exposure to $ETH during this bull market (no need to FOMO, I will walk you through potential setups shortly). 

As I’ve mentioned before, $ETH is higher beta $BTC, which means the greater potential upside comes with the danger of greater potential downside

It’s worth considering your risk tolerance and time horizon as you’re constructing your plan.

If you want to see how I am personally positioning my portfolio between $BTC and $ETH, please feel free to watch the ? YouTube video I did on the subject. 

Now let’s jump into technical analysis to see how you may find an entry to get long.


ETH/BTC has maintained weekly bullish market structure by printing higher highs and higher lows consistently since 2019 September.

That being said the structure is still not clean relative to BTC. The most recent test of the 0.023 level has taken out the previous HH resulting in a messier structure. Notice the loss of the 30 week moving average.

The most significant resistance on the weekly chart remains the 0.04 level.

If $ETH can break the 0.04 level, we will have printed another higher high and, more significantly, broken a massive range in which ETH/BTC has been consolidating since 2018 September.

I’ll be looking to aggressively play the breakout of this level.


So while the ETH / BTC pair doesn’t present immediate opportunities. ETH / USD is another matter.

We’re maintaining a bullish structure above the 0.5 level of the recent move. So we expect continuation.

The higher risk play is accumulating a position in the $1100-$1250 and using $1000 as an invalidation of our bullish bias.

The key resistance on this chart is $1250 level which can be played for a confirmed breakout.

This breakout play reduces risk of being trapped in a position and provides a higher probability play at the cost of a slightly less optimal entry.


Raoul Pal has offered a highly interesting and fresh bullish fundamental viewpoint on ethereum. Using Metcalfe’s law to argue that Ethereum’s growth closely follows that of Bitcoin. 

Whilst it might have seemed complex at first, we hope you have a stronger understanding of it now. As with all difficult concepts, we need only break it down into its smaller building blocks, understand each block and then put it all together again.

If you were convinced by Pal’s bullish argument, the technical analysis provided insight for entry points. Once again, remember the basics: $ETH is higher beta $BTC, which means the greater potential upside comes with the danger of greater potential downside.

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