A Fantom Resurrection Ritual

Market Meditations | July 27, 2022

Fantom is a highly scalable, secure, EVM-compatible smart contract platform that gained traction earlier this year.

The network’s native token, FTM (used for governance, staking and transactions), reached a peak of $3.46 before crashing alongside the rest of the market.

  • The Fantom community held a governance vote to divert a third of the network’s burn fees to fund a vault that would support new projects within the ecosystem.
  • The vote began on the 5th of July and concluded on the 27th of July, with 99.75% of all votes cast in support of the new plan.
  • Initially, the vote was due to end on the 3rd of October. However, there was a provision for early closure of the pole if the voting crossed the 55% quorum requirement.
  • Fantom will fund the vault with 10% of its transaction fees, which is a third of the network’s current 30% burn fee.
  • Once the new proposal is implemented, Fantom’s burn rate will fall to 20%. As the burn rate will then be lower, the total amount of FTM that is destroyed each year will be reduced.

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