Time For New Tools?

Market Meditations | September 16, 2022

Searching for alpha and hot crypto news will often lead you to the disclosures DYOR (do your own research) and NFA (not financial advice). Determining how to do your own research can lead you down a never-ending rabbit hole, but there are plenty of great tools to help you filter through the noise and find the alpha you seek.

  1. DefiLlama isn’t just for finding defi protocols, yields, and tvl. Although it does a great job on those tasks, it also has an airdrop feature that lists tokenless protocols that may do an airdrop in the future.
  2. NFT Scoring offers real-time listings from OpenSea & LooksRare, has an instant rarity reveal, and a fomo level indicator. Although they offer some data for free, their paid subscription can be paid for in ETH.


  1. Instead of checking various platforms to search for yields, Coindix, allows you to monitor vaults across chains.
  2. Web3 Alpha Alerts is a platform that alerts you of new project alpha. You have to subscribe to their paid plan for 80% of the alerts, but their Twitter account posts 20% of the alpha for free.
  3. If you don’t want to spend your time manually searching for token unlock schedules, Token Unlocks aggregates the data for you.

At Market Meditations, one of our favorite tools is Nansen and we have written plenty of guides on how to use it to get an edge in crypto. Don’t get analysis paralysis, determine what information you are looking for and if you cannot find it in our Ultimate Crypto Wealth Guide, one of these tools may be just what you have been missing.